Claustrophobopolis - The Return
December 30, 1999

Title : Claustrophobopolis - The Return
MapFilename : shiz_q1dm2.bsp

Author : Ian Marks aka shizbaz
Email : **email removed**
Map description : Not really my first quake3 map since this isn't really
my map. This was mainly just done for fun to get
q1dm2 into quake3 with the old textures and all.

Thanks to : blazemore, thermalcool, and strxke for testing and id software
for q3.


Tools used : Q3Radiant(build 179) and winbspc for the decompiling. The map had to have some of the construction redone due to the compiler making some wierd brushes.
Known Bugs : Yes. Only thing that seems to be really wierd is the bot performance on
this level. Seems that the trap doors and such don't work too well with the
bots. They are still fun, but don't use the level to the fullest that humans would. If anyone knows how to get around this let me know.
Build Time : 2 days.


1. copy shiz_q1dm2.pk3 into your baseq3 directory.
2. run Q3A at the console type "/map shiz_q1dm2" at the console
3. And get to fraggin'

* Copyright / Permissions *

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

This map(shiz_q1dm2.bsp) is a conversion of the classic dm2 for quake1. I do not take any
credit for the construction/design of this map except for taking the day or so to convert it over to