kleskonian hights
kleskonian hights by nunuk
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not entered unregistered
#20   07 Sep 2004
This map its amazing. The graphics are great and realist. I think that the people will enjoy this map.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#19   14 May 2003
eh.. didn't really like this map. I'm not saying it's a bad one, but just didn't seem to work for me :-B
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Cuneyt The Map Maker unregistered
#18   13 Mar 2002
Good work friend... And I want to tell that I am making a huge map... an old HUGE castle :) I have lots of great maps. I can say that I am an experienced map maker and this map is really good my friend well done.
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Nekrataal unregistered
#17   14 Feb 2002
A solid 10 for the game play. FUN map
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maxxtreme unregistered
#16   09 Aug 2001
One of the best maps I've ever seen!!! Quakers... Let's go!!!
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Loader unregistered
#15   26 Jun 2001
Superb. It´s a must have for anyone. Now let´s start downloading :-)
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antimatter unregistered
#14   22 Dec 2000
One word: DAMN! This is without a doubt one of the best maps I've come across in my 10 months of Quake. Do us all a favor: make a ctf level outta this :D
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Futureprobe unregistered
#13   21 Sep 2000
Truly nice! The texturizing and layout are simply... great! The light is also very good - especially like the yellow light-shaders. And the shootout during the flights across the arena are really interesting...

Keep on working!

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:) unregistered
#12   02 Sep 2000
This map rulze
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MadEd unregistered
#11   04 Aug 2000
This map rocks :)
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CraZyFRagGeR unregistered
#10   27 Jul 2000
Vraiment trop génial cette map!!! :)

Frenchement NuNuK tu es vraiment trop BON!!!

DISTONIC elle aussi extrat!!!

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metlslime unregistered
#9   20 Jun 2000
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Tyre unregistered
#8   14 Jun 2000
Pretty, but I get much better fps with Majesty, which I think is ultimately the better map.
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Defiler unregistered
#7   12 Jun 2000
One of the best space maps i have ever played. A must download. If you had fun playing TLY you will surely love this level.
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magatsu unregistered
#6   11 Jun 2000
niiiiiiice architecture. using gothic textures on pointy spires is genius. (9)
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Islonik unregistered
#5   11 Jun 2000
A worthwhile space map! A rare thing indeed. Nice to see someone doing more than just rearranging Q3DM17's platforms.

Great map. I like Majesty but this plays better and is more attractive too.

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snail unregistered
#4   10 Jun 2000
this map is fun to play. grab it grab it ;)
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#3   10 Jun 2000
I already d/l it at QIC but this is a beatiful good level it plays fabtastic and this is a good level for all of you space Fans out there d/l it now i give it a 9
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RiO unregistered
#2   10 Jun 2000
This map I like.. I also enjoyed 'Majesty', Steinecke. There's also a review of this one over at the QIC.


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Steinecke unregistered
#1   10 Jun 2000
If you like 'Majesty', you have good reason, to like this, too. I'm using it for 1 on 1. Surely a clever download.
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