kleskonian hights
E-mail: **email removed**
author: nicolas bouvier
map name kleskonian hights
map name(bsp): klhights
Compiler: Q3 build
Game Type: ffa tourney
bots: yes
Players: 2 - 10 players
Version: 1.0
new textures: a few
new music: nope .. we did not have enough time. new music in the next map...i hope

kleskonian hights took me approximately a month to build.
it was a big adventure for me.......it is a big map, but the r_speeds appears to be okay...
the final bsp took approximately 250 hours to compile!!!on the sylicon graphic.
on my own computer it would have certainly taken 15 days....
this is my third map.....and though i have put a huge amount of time for this level,
i must admit that a few things are still not perfect.. still learning radiant
the next map will be more reasonable !!!!!! (mainly concerning the size)
any comments on this map will be very useful

Put the kleskonian hights.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "map klhights" at
the console.

thanx to: KoB team (kingz of blood) cool_ber/viper/yan/xav/kionkion/pikouse/biggy

*kob*cool_ber for textures and help

paul "ling-low-ping" the true deutch coffee railer for testing and advices
(it was so enjoyable to see the map grow step by step, eh?)

*kob*biggy for letting me use the sylicon graphic
man, we really needed this one!!

liquid for advices

thierry and jeansť

___Copyright / Permissions____________________________________________________________

you are free to distribute this map by any electronic means as long as it remains free.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author.
no modification allowed to the pk3.
this level belongs to nicolas bouvier (c) 2000

i must precise that i have modified original id software shaders for this map.

QuakeIIIArena is copyright Id software