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.::Infirmity::. by ImPaQT
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moede unregistered
#5   22 Jul 2004
very nice map for excessive
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cicciofrollo unregistered
#4   07 Oct 2001
In that place it's a pleasure to frag my enemy by rail!


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Reptile unregistered
#3   21 Apr 2001
Not so easy to skip...
Ok, it's not the best design but the game play is cool.
Tim Willits send an e-mail to an author,telling him to focus
om maps that look great on high end machines,no matter if they don't run in mine.What kind of fascist crap is this? Maps for
the few? I used to gesign for gameplay,says the author,but after receiving the attention
of such an important company...
(Stop,you gonna make me bust out
crying.Maybe he was bullshiting
you.)Anyways,ImPaQT buddy,the level is very enjoyable,ugly as it is.
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[K1LL]Rock-Z unregistered
#2   20 Nov 2000

this map sux, but i love it :)

its fun wiyh lots of bots and stuff

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Gaymate unregistered
#1   20 Nov 2000
this map is cooooooool!

play it in RA3 and it rox!!!

RA3 2on2 clan arena!!!!!

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