Space Confusion
by rfw
Space Confusion by rfw
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FragTastic Rep. 2249
#61   06 Jul 2012
I like this map and I think it won me over just by a few inches because the havoc in this map is awesome. I add more than 3 bots and I always use rocket launcher which gets me high :). I have to admit I rocket spam but for the right reasons :P. 7/10
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Will unregistered
#60   10 May 2008
Awesome map for bouncy mod. Love it.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#59   07 Oct 2002
Cool map. Felt resfreshing back then. Still does...0_-
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#58   12 Jun 2000
Forgot I posted a comment before; my brain hurts!
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#57   12 Jun 2000
Brilliant job RockN79, it is great to see talented designers like yourself departing from including Id's ugly void sky, in favour of a real space setting. Overall, I think the map is excellent looking and plays quite well, although I would have preferred it to be somewhat larger as it felt a bit cramped.

Hope you intend to construct some more space maps.


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rockN79 unregistered
#56   11 Jun 2000
You can click on my name on the top of this page to mail me - email address removed to prevent spam (Tig)

But, please do not send anything bigger than ~ 1 mb.


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OozE unregistered
#55   10 Jun 2000
Rockn..that shouldn't be a problem...but give me ur e-mail address so I can mail it to u instead

btw, I dominate on this map! Ph33r M3!


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Tyre unregistered
#54   09 Jun 2000
Of course, if you have the teleporter, falling off isn't such a problem. Maybe it should respawn more often?

I like this map, but I'm mildly surprised no SG.

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D3FC0N unregistered
#53   08 Jun 2000
:: Map related post ::

I think this is an awesome map because it forces players to use a different style while playing. While reading these posts, someone asked about trying to get less suicides and I came up with an idea that could be stupid or could work, just thought I'd voice it. If this is done right, it'd be kinda neat: How about make it so that anytime anybody falls off an edge, they get "funneled" (doubt that's spelled right) to a jump pad in the middle of the map that would send players flying up through a a hole in the center and make them go really high. That way, it's not an instant death, but you would still have to deal with rail monkeys and cratering. It would make less falls, and for some interesting situations. Kinda like, "We'll let you get away with falling off, but there is a risky price to pay for it }:o)"

:: idiot related post ::

Ok, Spanky and Stinky, you guys need to go back and read your previous posts from a generic LvL readers point of view. You both look like real jackasses, no offense. Stinky, I love the way you assume you are older than most of the fellas on this forum, and what's ironic, is if you really are that old, than it looks even worse on you because you're stooping to their level, if not worse. Not one of your insults were concrete, and sounded like a bitter old man that has nothing going for him besides seniority, which honestly rarely means sh*t. And Spanky, it sucked that you felt you had to continue this stupid petty arguement. Now I don't want anyone bashing me, but damn guys, look at your selves. Now if you don't shut up and stop hitting your brother, I'm gonna turn this website right around and we are going to go home! :) Sorry, had to bust out the wordPAD!

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rockN79 unregistered
#52   08 Jun 2000
Thanks Ooze. I am really happy you like it.

Could you upload a demo of you and your mates playing the map? I'd like to check out how other people (other than me) play this map. Thanks.

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OozE unregistered
#51   08 Jun 2000
Too bad all this debate and gibbering has detracted from the fact that this is one hella great tourney map if you like space maps at all. I've been playing with some mates of mine and I can say, without a doubt, this is the best custom space map available. Thanks RockN79!
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FusionAddict unregistered
#50   08 Jun 2000

In the words of the great philosopher Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

(Another random quote from Mr. King: "STAY IN YOUR CAR!")

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not entered unregistered
#49   08 Jun 2000
Patridiot, you suggested a 'debate playpen'for these people who want to destroy this superb site. I suggest flogging or a month in the stocks where we can all pelt these people, who haven't anytrhing better to do, than cause trouble.
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Spank unregistered
#48   07 Jun 2000
<--- weak smile

sigh, ok i understand, and I'm sorry I got "worked up".

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Tigger-oN & Mandog unregistered
#47   07 Jun 2000
Spank, the post has been removed. stinky was not the person claiming to be you, someone else was.

If someone posts using your nick just email us when it was posted and on which map page - we can easily check if its coming from your normal IP.

We really don't want to turn ..::LvL into a members only forum or have to display IP numbers with comments.

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Spank unregistered
#46   07 Jun 2000
Tigger-On jesus christ man!!!!!!

Ban me??


why dont you trace the post by "spank" from 7 Jun 2000 11:12 in this thread. They used my name and said some pretty shitty things like it was from me, thats the only reason i used stinky's name.

I am on a mod team that has been dedicated to the Quake community for years. Stinkys just a trouble maker.

If you would take a moment to read my previous posts earlier in the thread it will be blatantly obvious that I, yes I, am the one with manners that gives a damn about the community not stinky.

Sigh I get screwed like this everytime I get involved with asses like stinky.

Im so incredibly sick of this you know that.

Frag in Peace

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mandog unregistered
#45   07 Jun 2000
Patridiot: I'm working on a general bulletin board / forum; probably be up in a week or two. Its winter here and I have a cold. :(
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Patridiot unregistered
#44   07 Jun 2000
Please consider that 1/2 of these messages are simply spam. Maybe this site needs a general forum, you can call it the debate playpen or. . .Oh yeah, and Steinecke should be forced to wear mittens while in public.

Oh yeah, this message is spam too.

Carry on.

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not entered unregistered
#43   07 Jun 2000
Whine, whine, whine; why don't you go check out an Agony Aunt site or get some shock therapy to help sort your problems out, preferably in 'Old Sparky'.
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#42   07 Jun 2000
Great to see a map set in a real space setting as opposed to Id's boring void environment. Am very interested to see what other custom space skys you can create, keep up the excellent work.


Guys, quit all this complaining, etc; and consider the effort RockN79 put into this level so that you could have fun playing it.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#41   07 Jun 2000
the post from ip# was removed as they where claiming to be someone else - I know who it was, don't do it again or I'll ban you
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pottymouth unregistered
#40   07 Jun 2000
Suckareno. Played it once, took a shit, then uninstalled and figured out I was gay like Steinecke. Which by the way I'm probably the same as you Stein... Call a nigga and lets share plasma stories.
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FusionAddict unregistered
#39   07 Jun 2000
Okay, backing away with toom much information...

Steinecke, I wonder...did your mother drop you on your head while you were an infant, or do you simply eat paint chips? Perhaps you live under high-tension power lines...yes, that could be it.

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Steinecke unregistered
#38   07 Jun 2000
The last sentence: To accuse someone to have stolen (by knowing it's not true) is a clearly scumish behavior.

Now this discussion is closed. I'm a little older than you guys... I know what I am. It's sometimes boring to be a hetero; and I feel not proud about it. You cannot insult me with your Gay-stories. Those accusations reflect your insecurity; -You're very young -you still have to find out, wich side you're on.

Surely I'm not of the opinion, masturbation can solve the worlds problems: - but masturbation can really help to solve the mental stress of american schoolboys. I think, masturbation is what is left to american schoolboys of average or low income?

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Steinecke unregistered
#37   07 Jun 2000
All I see: I exactly named your problems! You feel hurted so much? Don't worry; someday you will stop even to notice it.
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Dagwit unregistered
#36   07 Jun 2000
Spank: the_space isn't easy to find. I couldn't get a response from the maker's site, and it's not exactly available everywhere. However, if Tigger-oN will excuse me referring people to a rival map site, try:

link removed as it is dead now (Tig)

Click on 'Custom maps' and go to page 10.

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jbirney unregistered
#35   07 Jun 2000

dude what is you problem? I see you have to resort to child-like insults all of the time instead of saying anything intelligent. I like Spanks Jump conversion which is still a BETA. Grow up like the rest of the people on this board have!

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Spank unregistered
#34   07 Jun 2000
Kewl Dagwit... Im going to download those other maps right away. I'm dying to see if they did the nodrop on the floor of thier skyboxes correctly. I had hell getting mine right. LloydM eventually made me a tiny little box with one platform in it. This tiny map had the floor of its skybox assembled properly.

Lloyds a swell fella :)

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rockN79 unregistered
#33   07 Jun 2000
Dagwit: Thanks for clearing things up. As I mentioned earlier I don't think a sky box in a space map is as great an idea to start something like a copyright war over it.

On a different note: If misuse of names becomes overhand, this all is useless...

Though this would be a lot of work, maybe accounts should be created, to prevent misuse. Anonymous posting should be possible, too. (As on shugashack).

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Monty Pythons unregistered
#32   07 Jun 2000
Spank-spank-spank. Spankspankspankspankspank!
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Steinecke unregistered
#31   07 Jun 2000
Not all problems; most problems!

'Spank', the next time you or you... friend misuse my name, I will misuse your name for something much more funny...

That a warning.

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dasc unregistered
#30   07 Jun 2000
Nice to see a space map without suicidal bots. Camping on asteroids was cool too :-). It's too easy to fall to your death, though. (6)
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FusionAddict unregistered
#29   07 Jun 2000
I don't know which is more frightning...that something as meaningless (no offense, rockN79) as a space map's design flaws could cause such a rift in the Quake community, or that Steinecke thinks that all the world's problems could be solved by masturbating more often. Eeeeeewww...
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Steinecke unregistered
#28   07 Jun 2000
Now....-right now! I! feel! like! Florence Nightingale!!!


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Steinecke unregistered
#27   07 Jun 2000
Dear Mr 'Spank', dear Mr 'Deathstorm': If You don't know how to do it exactly, -you could help each other!

So. Now I earnestly tried to help you. If you have problems, still: go to a Doctor, tell him about your problems, don't be too ashamed; there are many strange things on earth, and, maybe, the Doctor saw your kind before?

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Steinecke unregistered
#26   07 Jun 2000
All I see is a bunch off frustrated little scumbags - trying to misuse this commentspage for some promotion for some bullshit wich needs to be pepetuated with lies, wrong accusations and not enough masturbation. As I said earlier: sometimes it helps.
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Delll unregistered
#25   07 Jun 2000
map was small, and linear...

sorry, boring, just another space map

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Spank unregistered
#24   07 Jun 2000
well rockn... you should go get my map. Spa from germany made the sky for me, and even if stinky doesnt like it, everyone else seems to :)

I linked the map earlier in the thread.

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rockN79 unregistered
#23   07 Jun 2000
Hell yes...I'd like to see some really cool custom space sky boxes in the future.
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Spank unregistered
#22   07 Jun 2000
A real sky isnt new to other games space maps but it hasnt been done in Quake3 until me and you did it. At least i havent seen any Q3 space maps like this.

I hope me and you start a new trend for the space maps because that plain old blackness is soooo lame for such an advanced game like Quake3.

Make more like this... I will.

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rockN79 unregistered
#21   07 Jun 2000
I'd like to add this:

I found this map at times to be damn frustrating and annoying, because I lost a LOT frags because of falling down into the void. On the other hand I found it to be damn fun, whenever I somehow managed to stay on top for a while and whenever I was lucky with the railgun.

I also found it useless to play with more than 2 bots, but that's how I like to play.

My next map won't be a space map, that's for sure (but this won't be my last space map, that's also for sure).

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-=ROM=- unregistered
#20   07 Jun 2000
The map looks good to me, although I haven't had the time to play it...It's good to see people trying to get us all new playing areas 8)



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rockN79 unregistered
#19   07 Jun 2000
I was off for a while or I would have commented on this earlier.

I don't know your map Spank, I definitly didn't rip the sky-idea off of your map. btw I don't think this sky is anything special, although it really changes the atmosphere. Look at some UT maps, look at pics from the upcoming Team Arena mission pack, it's not new, not Spank's and not mine idea. Please relax.

People seem to have problems with the gameplay and don't really seem to like this map. (Look at the score, uhm). I wonder, is this a general opposition to Space Maps or is it my map? The only really good-rated space map is MAD by Mr.Clean, which is not really a space map, and maybe Airborne. Why is that so?

Maybe if someone can come up with a really cool idea to avoid the Wrong Place Fatalities, would people like Space maps more??

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Deathstorm unregistered
#18   07 Jun 2000
Ok you rude assholes Gollum & Steinecke you guys shut the hell up, Jump is a great map, and maybe the bots don't work right cause it a "bot" issue not a "map" issue. And Steinecke are the colorful skies to much for your 386,

& what kind of dumbass can't find anything in common with the maps they are both in space right.

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FusionAddict unregistered
#17   07 Jun 2000
Okay, so the Jump Beta has problems with the bots. So farking what? ITS A BETA, FOR CHRISSAKES! Just because a map gets released "officially" doesn't mean there cant be any problems, it's our job to point them out to the author so he/she/it can fix the problem. Be a little less rude when criticising.

Note to self...address this issue in next ArenaSpeak.

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OozE unregistered
#16   07 Jun 2000
Bah, this map just plain rocks!

Tourney, baby!

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Gollum unregistered
#15   07 Jun 2000
wht a pile of shit, i coulda pulled betta out o' my arse. the sky is scum and i hate the goddam texture combination.

i did like jumpin ontop o' the asteroids though...

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Spank unregistered
#14   07 Jun 2000
The skies were the only thing we were talking about and they both have skies not blackness. Rockn's map here has the same prob with bots falling off as mine does. I am not a liar. I apologize Rockn79 for this exchange on your maps comment board. I will not reply to stinky anymore, but I'd sure love to knock his teeth out LoL.

Good map Rockn79.

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Steinecke unregistered
#13   07 Jun 2000
Dear Sean 'Spank' Sweat: You are a liar. I downloaded your conversion 'Jump'.

Both maps (your 'Jump' and this map 'Space Confusion') have really nothing in common. You've got a colorful (overdone) sky. Many maps have something like that. There i s nothing special. Your maps gameplay, Dear 'Spank'... just sucks. Botplay is very bad.

But what makes me really angry : even the greatest idiot, the king of the kings of idiots ( =Me) can clearly see: Those two maps have nothing in common. You are just a guy, 'Spank' who starts betraying people to make them interested in your map. 'RockN79' is not a thief; but You are definitely a liar!

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peter watson unregistered
#12   07 Jun 2000
Could be bigger. Why can't you copy that space station level from UNREAL TOURNAMENT and have it rotating like in UNREAL TOURNAMENT???????
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Ast unregistered
#11   06 Jun 2000
you know whats fun?

try rocketjumping to one of the asteroids from the high teleporter platform. than practice the delicate art of balance as you try to stay atop a rotating asteroid while you are sniping with a railgun.

not an easy or even very effective tactic but is incredibly fun and surprises the hell out of people :-)

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Spank unregistered
#10   06 Jun 2000
Steinecke please go download the beta of my map and see why im disapointed. I fully support all mappers and I'm glad people like this guys map. I'm only sad because I wanted my map to be the first space map that used a real sky in it.

By the way... there isnt any reason to be so rude sir. Us Quakers should realize we are part of a community and respect each other.

Heres the link to my map...

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SiCdeth unregistered
#9   06 Jun 2000
i was playing this map for a while now before it came here (i feel so special :0]) anyway i liked it, its different i liked the asteroids, i liked the layout, its very good for tourney, cant see it as anything more. havent downloaded it from here yet and not sure if its different from the one i played but the one i played is very good i liked the feel of it. also the bots do well on it which is a plus.

it gets a 7

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magatsu unregistered
#8   06 Jun 2000
very fun. as long as we are making ut comparisons, i wish the skybox was more detailed (but that would probably take up massive memory). too bad you can't make it rotate either. (9)
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Steinecke unregistered
#7   06 Jun 2000
Is it possible, 'Spank', You have an ugly brother ( also not masturbating enough) named 'Bauul'?
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Steinecke unregistered
#6   06 Jun 2000
Maybe You have been spanked too often, 'Spank'. You can find a very similar sky in the Devolved-dm, wich is not the newest map.

I'm not interested in Your rotten map - I guess, nobody is.

When I was in Your age and in such a mood like Yours, I masturbated 'til I was rather tired. Believe me; -it helps!

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Spank unregistered
#5   06 Jun 2000
This sucks!

Thsi map is getting rave reviews because it is the first map to break away from the boring black skies in Q3 space maps.

I made a space map with a sky in it already but am unable to release it because its for an unfinished mod and cannot be released until the mod is done. This guy probably downloaded my maps beta from here and used my technique and stole my thunder LoL.

O well its a good map and I hope you guys like mine when it is finally released with the Chaos Arena mod someday :

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Steinecke unregistered
#4   06 Jun 2000
There is an UT-map, wich looks very similar, but not really the same. Ther author used the blue color I love so much. Botplay is ok; Orbb is very successful in this environment. I'm using his files for the great Alienmodel, Did created. (Did is a french modeller; he should work for ID!)

But! But... This sky and 'Majesty'... -I would die for this to happen!

For this map I'm giving eight points.

I think the new and strong and common trend is: using gothic textures for spacemaps. ID's spacetextures are so ugly, the is no help on earth. Nobody can hear You cry for more interesting textures in space. Actually You can hear nothing in space, cause there is no atmosphere. Have you heard, all you Trekkies?

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Niptlar unregistered
#3   06 Jun 2000
What, only 12 seconds worth of rockets and 8 seconds worth of lightning, .... AND 45 SECONDS WORTH OF SLUGS?

Some ideal distributions (ammo boxes):
- R L S
- 1 1 0
- 1 1 1
- 1 2 0
- 1 2 1
- 2 2 0
- 2 2 1

You'd probably prefer the 2-2-1 combo, but these are just some ideas.

What is my point? There is too much emphasis on the Railgun (imo). I really liked your weapon selection though (appropriate AND original). The armor and item placement were pretty good (although you probably don't need to have rocket and lightning clips right next to each other, especially since they are the only ones of their kind). I'm also wondering if the Regeneration power-up should be included, much less right next to the Railgun. Since Railgun combat is much slower than regular combat, the Reg owner has extra time to regenerate; generally speaking, it is probably best to pick power-ups that don't give holders too much of an edge. I'd have used Haste, although the Combat Suit may have played well too (quad damage would just been more of the same).

The texturing is pretty fresh. It doesn't feel like a dm17 rip-off (btw, I hate dm17), so kudos for that.

I'm sorry if this level had been through the beta section.

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GrindSpire unregistered
#2   06 Jun 2000
Very nice, reminds me of UT for some reason, I really like this map, got to be a 10
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OozE unregistered
#1   06 Jun 2000
Wow, without a doubt the most fun (and frustration) I've ever had on a user made space map. Imho, this could be right up there with dm17, or better. Extrememly confusing at times, but alot of fun...really pushes the good players and might be a bit much for the newbies. A blast! I'll give a nine. btw, no slowdown at all, and a graphic beauty (non of that harsh brightness). WELL DONE!
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