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Once upon a Frag
Once upon a Frag by Ygdrazil
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Tig Rep. 984
#24   22 Jul 2013
@All: Grab this small patch - lvlworld.com/level...ine13-patch.zip - to make this release appear in the menu system.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#23   22 Jul 2013
@Kyall: I removed some maps I don't really play anymore that showed up on the menu to compensate for this one, and it still doesn't show up on the menu. Did it work for you? If so, would you give me a suggestion on what to do?
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Kyall Rep. 242
#22   20 Oct 2012
@SW12: Could that menu list problem just be a matter of having too many maps in your baseq3 folder? If so, then that wouldn't really be a problem with the map. Just thought i'd mention it as i've had this problem before where i've had too many maps in the baseq3 folder and it wouldn't show maps in the menu list, and I thought it was a problem with the map, but it was just a viewing problem.
Edited: 20 Oct 2012 AEST
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#21   18 Oct 2012
This map was just cool in every way. Especially the Star of David feature!
I would have given this map a 10/10 if the map showed up on the menu list.
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Ygdrazil unregistered
#20   28 May 2000
Hopefully this will satisfy even Steinecke :)
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Ygdrazil unregistered
#19   28 May 2000
I've removed the clipping error by the RL. I've also added some extra light in some areas. The new version can be downloaded from www.reineolofsson.com.
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Steinecke unregistered
#18   27 May 2000
Warning: As I mentioned on this site and as I mentioned in a mail to Ygdrazil, there is a serious, a major BUG in this map: It's possible to hide INSIDE the wall around the rocketlauncher and to sniper everyone who is coming to get the launcher. I'm angry, cause obviously nothing has been repaired!
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SHORTBREAD unregistered
#17   26 May 2000
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Spazz unregistered
#16   24 May 2000
Nice map. I like it.

Going to give it a 10 because im still digin' that Spain comment.

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Spazz unregistered
#15   24 May 2000
eX - I claim this map in the name of Spain.

That is the best comment i have ever read for a map. You my friend, get a gold star.

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#14   22 May 2000
This map has a great atmosphere but it feels to much like a single player lever than a DM.
There are plenty of places to go but i didnt see any potential for any great moments in the map, kind of dissapointing since i like the map.
The bots played ok but they were a bit easy to beat.

7/10 Some great atmoshere and archetecture was made here. I only wish this map had better game play.

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Blitzz unregistered
#13   22 May 2000
I didn't like the "dm feeling" of the map....I didn't really see an exciting dm taking place there it's just too flat.

Nice architecture tho, and the ambience is great.

I give it a 7

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Steinecke unregistered
#12   21 May 2000
Found a BUG. In the big hall (red carpet), the wall around the rocket launcher ('left' side, near the jumppad) is not solid. With a little jum against the wall, you're inside the wall. My Carmack-bot used this to kill me in a really cheapish way.
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BigFrickinGun unregistered
#11   21 May 2000
Good map. I rank it in my top 5 favorite maps! Good one.

Why is it always every weapon except the BFG?

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Your Sister unregistered
#10   21 May 2000
Was a bit hasty in my scoring, level is worth an eigth in my opinion.

Will someone please give Mister Ed a little lead in the head, as he's forever stealing the invisibility powerup.

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Steinecke unregistered
#9   21 May 2000
'Your Sister'? You mean 10 plus 7, I guess?
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eX unregistered
#8   20 May 2000
I claim this map in the name of Spain.
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Your Sister unregistered
#7   20 May 2000
Reasonable level, some nice touches especially the sound of the horses galloping, made me think of the film 'The Devil Rides Out' and so I had to sleep with the light on: again.

Score Ammendment: 8 for darkness, minus 1 for blandness.

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Your Sister unregistered
#6   20 May 2000
Score: 7 for the darkness
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magatsu unregistered
#5   20 May 2000
great map! this time, the gothic style is actually intelligently implemented and eye-pleasing at once.
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Niptlar unregistered
#4   20 May 2000
This level isn't bad, but it just seems to be lacking that certain something in the gameplay department. Maybe I'm just tired of seeing every weapon minus the BFG in levels, so I'll sleep on my vote.

Definately too little lightning ammo considering the amount of plasma ammo there is available. A couple more grenades clips and perhaps some more shells would have been nice, but that's just me. Another YA or ten armor shards could have probably complemented the RA better than just the one YA. Even Tig managed squeeze 95 non-RA armor into his level.

The lighting seemed fine to me, although I would have prefered that some of it actually made sense (in real life terms; light must come from a torch, the sky, or whatever, but it must come from something).

The new sounds and stuff are cool. I'm interested in seeing what this guy releases next.

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micamica1217 unregistered
#3   20 May 2000
The gameflow was great.the bots dont focus in one room.
nice item placement.
some lvls are too dark,this is definitly not one of them.
loved the well(my escape hatch).

this will be in the top ten real soon(and deserves it).

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Steinecke unregistered
#2   20 May 2000
Download and enjoy ths map! This mapper tried to create the atmosphere of nordish mythology -an he succeded. Forget about the running gag in the review: it' not too dark. Dear reviewer: Your taste with the overbrightness does not fit to the gothic style. Maybe You should try new hardware?

Last but not least: the bots do very fine! Gameflow is excellent. Everything fits together.

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#1   20 May 2000
This was a nice level with some nice extra touches one of them was a book near the RG and the book just made clear that the best game is Q3 I found this really interresting verry nice. The level on it selve isn't bad nice extra sounds what makes it an 7
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