Arrakeen Delta
Arrakeen Delta by Smack2[SiN]
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Smack2[SiN] unregistered
#3   05 May 2000
Actually, 007MIKE, the jump pads, although not perfectly implemented, were intended to be a shortcut for a fresh spawn to get clear of the railgunner who'd be camping in the courtyard or hall, and grab a megahealth and some armor, possibly saving his/her ass ;). The risk of blasting off into the void was set to counter the substantial reward for a successful jump. However, I discovered a bit of a bug in the version that was reviewed here, and I've been working on a fix - Delta 2 will be available soon, so if you are interested, I'll post back when I get the next version released. It's got fixed jump pads, better architecture and clip brush placement, and revised item placement. And I'd imagine twelve bots was a fragfest ;) ..

BTW, has anyone had a chance to play this against a human opponent?

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Steinecke unregistered
#2   04 May 2000
To me this is a 8. Cool jump.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#1   03 May 2000
MY first beef is the 2 pointless jump pads into the unknown. The other one takes you to the others so you can actually get the mega health .THat wierded me out. SEcond .. zero has never been so easy to take out. It is a pretty good one on one but rail gun man owns. I found it fun to put 9 bots in it and run into the meat grinder center shooting all the way. You wont live to long but it was the most fun i had in this map. kind of sad really. An arena map with 3 long hall ways to it. Yep that sums it up. Well beating Zero on Nightmare for the first time was fun. Thanx Smack2[SiN]

6/10 like all of the other maps in the series...just an ok map.

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