Fair and Square
Fair and Square by Fjoggs
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#1   06 Mar 2021
Wow, was this Fjoggs' first map? This already showed his potential. Although brushes are simple and textures common, there is a hidden gem in this map in terms of gameplay. I agree with EmeraldTiger's review that corridors feel small (ceiling-wise) and the door "should" have been shootable, but even with these caveats in mind, the map is extremely strategic.
The main thing I want to comment is on the balance of the map. At first it might seem a bit unbalanced in terms of RA + YA on one side and only YA on the other but actually, health is mostly on the latter, which does equilibrate things. I tested it 5x15 min 1v1 rounds with the spiterbot mod (smart bots) and ended up being super immersive. I had to use new strategies, like hurting myself purposely when 100 health in order to consume the available one and not leaving it to the opponent. I also tried to control every available armor shard and +5 health (on top of usual item timing). All this is "necessary" because of the map balance. It was a lot of fun.
Other item location is great too, like RG and the teleport. GL is a very handy weapon too, fostering "strategic" behaviour. I did not feel as negative the 5 respawn points mentioned by EmeraldTiger (not that I counted them anyway).
Overall, I think gameplay of this map is outstanding. I do not know how much difference it would make to play against dumb bots, but for a 1v1 against a human or a smart bot, this map shines! A keeper to me!
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