Celestial Mechanics Q3A
Celestial Mechanics Q3A by Eraser
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6415
#2   25 Jul 2020
@Joe Beamer. can I just ask in what way you think I am being biased? I agree with you that the game play is fairly flat on many of Eraser's maps but I can't judge a particular release on the basis of the author's other releases, only on the map I am reviewing. I could have compared them if I'd wanted to but I didn't. Nor am I particularly a fan of space maps. I generally think they just don't look and play well for a variety of reasons (openness, basically plonking flat platforms down). But I'm not going to hate on a map just because the style is not to my personal preference. I also agree with you on the texturing, and I did raise this in the review, but it is supposed to be a remake, so I guess the author was aiming for faithfulness even though I find this at odds with the new custom features used in the remake. The construction is solid even if simple, and as a copy it is pretty faithful. While the gameplay isn't necessarily mind-blowing it is pretty typical of a space ctf. I think it is a positive though that maps that can handle small player loads are available. I have no personal affiliation with Eraser whatsoever. I having nothing to gain in being overly positive, but nor do I have anything to gain by being overly negative. My rating system for what it is worth, at least nowadays, is based on an equal weighting of construction, creativity and gameplay. I don't just rate on the gameplay alone. I am sorry if this has made you feel like you were being misled. That wasn't my intention.
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JoeBeamer Rep. 116
#1   17 Jun 2020
After seeing all the maps this guy has made, it's pretty obvious this is a biased reviewer especially seeing his other reviews of other maps which are far more complex than this. I don't see at all what is so great about any of his maps, they are horrible. I know a lot of q3a players still to this day, and no one could care less for this junk. The gameplay on this and his other maps are very flat, including the textures.
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