My Real Home ++ Super Edition
My Real Home ++ Super Edition by Rust7
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#2   17 Sep 2023
I've taken points off construction for the scaling and leaks, points off creativity for lack of details in texturing, and points off of gameplay for item placements and the relative flatness of the game due to the construction, scaling and item placement concentrating most of the play to the floors. With that said, the number of of items strewn about the map along with all the power-ups hidden in secret areas does make for fun FFA and TDM. I think the release date allows for the sharing of the secrets. But for those who like looking for the secrets. WARNING! SPOILER ALERT:
for those who get frustrated searching wasting time and brain cells looking for secrets - as i sometimes do - here goes:

  1. haste: shootable light in living room
  2. invis: light switch kitchen will open entrance in main bedroom. one can also access it by triggering the exit switch with gl/rl from outside
  3. flight: accessible by firing rocket under the desk in single bedroom (there is probably also a switch but I couldn't find it)
  4. quad: shoot a small table in a bedroom (quad will appear in the base of a cupboard on the way to the kitchen)
  5. BFG: fire the powerboard/switches in the hallway. This will open an entrance in the bathroom.
  6. Battlesuit: activated by the taps in the bathroom. head back to the kitchen for a treat.
  7. regen: shoot the button in the lavatory. check one of the single beds.
  8. ammo for all weapons: shootable light switch in a single bedroom. (you will need flight or weapon jump to get to the entrance on the other side)
On the last secret. I felt given the nature of the map this could have been tweaked. there is enough ammo on the ground and in hard to reach places another flight could have been added rather than all the extra ammo. Swap the quad for another flight and have the quad where the additional ammo is instead and there could have been some could weapon and flight duels on the way to grab it.
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#1   20 Sep 2013
It lacks a clipping, but the theme is good... The minimalist set of textures used completely smartly... To get some bonuses you must have some skills. There are actualy two secrets found by me. One hides couple of ammo boxes to get full army and the second one hides the strongest weapon - BFG. An ammobox for BFG is with that weapon. Download and try to find as many secrets as possible... It's something like Scavenger Hunt, but not really...
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