Agony (2)
Agony (2) by sst13
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raspatan Rep. 4064
#3   08 Nov 2020
Enjoyed this one very much! Easy to move up and down. Areas are well connected. Love the location of the RL. Item balance is not amazing though. Why have MH AND medicine kit instead of a RA? The RA should have been in the middle, as the image shows, instead of a 50 health. Still, quite a fun map!
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themuffinator Rep. 968
#2   01 Feb 2013
Pretty solid remake here! The original along with all the rest in the ss series were really terrible maps but this somehow turns it into something quite enjoyable. A mega health might have been a better choice there in the upper mid. 4.5/5
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cyberman unregistered
#1   29 Jan 2013
my favorite map from dreamcast!
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