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Smalls Edge
Smalls Edge by Gooball
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FragTastic Rep. 1454
#6   20 May 2012
Since this is your first TA map, It looks brilliant for your first team creating it. I would like to say that to many power ups & weapon ammo have been added in the map. It would be better if it was only a little bit but it's no problem. Gameplay is fine :). 6.5/10.
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gooball Rep. 816
#5   05 Jun 2011
Wow, thanks!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#4   05 Jun 2011
Woah! Gooball's first two maps made him look like a total amateur, and now comes this map! This is a professional's work. 6/10
Edited: 17 Jul 2011 AEST
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2119
#3   13 Apr 2011
Ahh, I see it has been updated since I sent in the review. I wish I could re-review it as it actually seems a lot more playable now. I still feel it is too compact for my liking and the general item distribution could still use a lot of work, but when you compare it to his previous works it actually isn`t that bad at all.

And as FistMarine said, we could always use more TA maps. I am guessing the lack of them is due to the fact that it must be purchased, although it could also have to do with elitism and the general hatred towards anything that is Team Arena. (not aimed at anyone in particular)

P.S. Nice work on the vortex portals, they look just like the real thing!
Edited: 13 Apr 2011 AEST

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themuffinator Rep. 875
#2   13 Apr 2011
OMG a gooball map without missing textures!!!! :O :O :O
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gooball Rep. 816
#1   12 Apr 2011
lol nice review. I will probably make a second one.
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