Area15 by Da Imp
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Butt-Hole unregistered
#4   30 Mar 2000
cool action when theres alot of players in (bot or humains)
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VARIUS unregistered
#3   28 Mar 2000
its realy cool
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Da Imp! unregistered
#2   27 Mar 2000
I've just discovered a lighting issue with my Riva TNT, which apparently also applies to some ATI cards. This problem causes map light intensity to differ when running full screen vs windowed. I've uploaded a pic of showing the invisibility powerup properly(windowed)

and what you likely saw(fullscreen):

This lighting bug applies to Id's Q3A maps as well, so it's likely a driver issue. Ah well, next time it's BETA list 1st ;]

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Jim unregistered
#1   27 Mar 2000
Classic Quake 2 styling with a fairly good layout (or is this just another conversion?). Unfortunately, the lighting is poor and the shaders just didn't seem to be working well with the style. And I can't stand that annoying howling ambiant wind sound. Even the Q2 wind sound was better (I know, this is a gripe against something that is part of the standard id pack and not this map in particular- but it is just something that should be used very sparingly IMO).

In particular, the lighting was so bad in the upper corridors, that I didn't know I was walking toward the invisibility until a split second before I heard the narrator call it out "Invisibility!" Max-brightness = ugly, washed out textures and completely destroys the atmosphere of the map- I wish authors would find this and fix it by at least giving it a limited beta-test phase.

The note about the shaders- for example, where the +100 health powerup is, you can walk up to that window, and the gold reflection becomes opaque, and VERY bright.

And what's with those swiveling hand things?

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