McKinley Arena
McKinley Arena by MapLAB
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5771
#12   27 Mar 2021
apart from the scaling and the lack of originality this was fun. I agree that it is a bit on the ugly side, even by the standards at the time it was released.
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matt unregistered
#11   04 Nov 2005
its actually a q1ctf map
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InSanO unregistered
#10   19 Oct 2001
Great map.
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MadPt unregistered
#9   23 Jan 2001
KOOL : ))))

I just saw this rebuild of one of the best Q2ctf maps ever.THIS MAP ROCKS!!!


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PogoJoe unregistered
#8   27 Jun 2000
Plays great, Super charged McKinley map!
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BEDLAM unregistered
#7   22 May 2000
actually i liked this one...simple but you can have multiple stratagies going on at the same time
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~eMBee~ unregistered
#6   12 May 2000
verry smart map!!!!!!!!!

even better then the Q2 version!


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joel unregistered
#5   05 Apr 2000
this sucks
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Refluxis unregistered
#4   29 Mar 2000
I fucking loved this map in q2.. whee its back!

lol david

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Chancellor Kirin unregistered
#3   28 Mar 2000
It's a pretty interesting map ... the only thing that bugged me was that I had to make an arena.txt counter-attack file and put the new arena info into a new .arena file (it's just like rebuilding bots from bots.txt to .bot files). Otherwise, it's pretty cool!
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David Smith unregistered
#2   27 Mar 2000
I Absolutely ADORED Your Map! Internet Psycho's Feel Free To Drop By ANY Time I'm Just DYING To Show My "ADMIRATION" For You.... Wee hee hee.......

Smith, David
4468 Marine Dr
West Vancouver, BC, V7W 2N9
Phone: (604) 926-9249

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Bob unregistered
#1   26 Mar 2000
Great gameplay and wtf does he mean it looks ugly? It has the industrial look of the original Q2CTF1.
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