What's That Smell?
What's That Smell? by Nickster
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=DarkSprout= unregistered
#3   03 Jan 2009
I Really like the map, only problem is, if you sit on the PG and fire continuously, you never run out of ammo, you could kill every one/bot – as the PG in on a side room of the main Run Through.
had to force myself not to do this, as it would then be fat to easy.

But – A Really Fun Map.

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wakey Rep. 203
#2   10 May 2008
Sweet architecture and nice shaders.
Also the mood is adorable.
A keeper, try it and buy it XD
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Vogemudet unregistered
#1   15 Apr 2008
Nice. I love the swirls in the light that is shinning through the dark windows. Had a blast playing it. Kool armadillo like floors with a Predator or Aliens type feel.
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