Psychophobia by dmschaos
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obstroc unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2015
For my personal taste of gameplay the map is a bit too tight (passages and open rooms), but the heck, this is an absolutely beautifull combination of perfect use of textures in combination with good layout and geometric details. Gameplay is fast and nades or rockets are very dangerous. You have not much room to avoid them :).
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#3   12 Jan 2012
Loving the slime texture :). 9/10.
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dmschaos Rep. 0
#2   30 Jan 2007
Thanks remnent for taking the time to review my map. I'm happy you enjoyed the map, I hope dispite the dying q3 community that more people will enjoy it too. The halls connecting the various rooms are a little cramped, however I kept them short so you are in and out quickly without getting caught in rocket spam. I think this worked out well when using audio cues to locate enemies during 1v1 play.

I'm sorry I missed the part of the readme that states the bot file is not included. It took many hours of tweaking and testing to get the bots to cover the entire map and play fairly well. So, it is definitely there if anyone wants to load bots or play it in skirmish mode, which it does show up in.

Don-X, thanks for the compliment. If I make another map for q3, it will certainly be much more wide open. I think i've finally got the scale down for q3, and I also prefer those larger open area maps...check out q3chaosdm2-HO, you might like the gameplay better, if not the visuals :)

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Don-X unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2007
Very clean map, I really enjoy the detail and smooth surface textures. Geometry and form design is excellent, though condensed. I prefer open area's to corridor dm. No reason not to own this map. Thanks and Good Luck Mate !
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