Petrofied Remix
Screenshot for Petrofied Remix by 187-J4CK4L
Added: 24 Dec, 2006   More than 10 years old
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13 Aug 2018
@scinia: Thanks, though I eventually found out years ago. I forgot about that comment I posted.
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10 Aug 2018
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@KommissarReb (SW12) if you rocket jump or spawn on a high place that you cant usually get to, climb the log boarder until you see a section off the map to the point where the screen is pasting itself on the skybox.
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10 Aug 2018
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very interesting map! there was so much to explore. i still cant figure out how to get that bfg and the plasma gun but still a 10/10!
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10 May 2012
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Buen mapa para jugar online!
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10 May 2012
Where can I find the places as seen in the 3rd & 4th screenshots?
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10 Mar 2012
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I love this map! So much detail has been put into this map, and so many different themes too! Ranging from skulls, to trees, to acid pools and pipelines, the author has put a lot of effort into this. The graphics detail is excellent, and even gameplay is very good. Not so good with bots, but 6 human players is very fun. ps, i sometimes get graphical problems with highly detailed maps too, but the resolution to me is not a matter of allocating more hunkmegs to the game, but just to lower the graphics detail in the system bar, if this would help anyone.
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10 Jan 2012
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You are a very cool map designer Jakal. Your maps are so intresting that i download all of them at once.
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19 Sep 2010
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Ya know where the quad damage thing is under that is a door with tons of skulls and a head in the middle >.<
Edited: 19 Sep 2010 AEST
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19 Jan 2007
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Z_Malloc error, will not run here and on a friends machine I sent it to to test. My hunk is 256mb.
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25 Dec 2006
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^^ yeah same here, got low FPS on it too
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24 Dec 2006
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I already downloaded this one about a month back. Too visually awesome for my computer to handle, so I can't get much enjoyment out of it. Explored it though and I saw what changes had been made from the original. I enjoyed the little lab added onto it and all the secret areas and things around. I really like this author's work for some reason and saw this as a neat expansion to one of his previous magnificent maps. Excellent!

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