ZPDM01 by ZEphYR
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JADscratch Rep. 487
#6   20 Feb 2014
Kinda reminds of something out of Nitronic Rush. :P
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cityy Rep. 373
#5   14 Mar 2010
Even though the gameplay isn't the best - the theme is pretty awesome!
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Mikko Sandt unregistered
#4   19 Dec 2005
The Railgun is a bit too dominating. The other end of the map (with the Rocket Launcher) is a bit useless because of this. Maybe a megahealth or something would make it more attractive since now everybody wants to be near the Rail.
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ZEphYR Rep. 10
#3   11 Dec 2005
Thank you for the comments. I had changed the name before it was posted, however Tigger-on had not recieved the news at that time. I have since had it changed to the name I have settled on for it. :)

Thanks again and please leave feedback if you check out the map.


BTW- this map is cel shaded ;)

Edited: 11.Dec.2005 05:03 UTC

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dOOd unregistered
#2   10 Dec 2005
Why did the name change to "ZPDM01"??? Isn't it supposed to be Choluk 1.0??? Oh, and by the way, nice map. 6.5/10
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#1   26 Nov 2005
Choluk 1.0 has a cool look to it. I agree, it almost looks cel shaded. Took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't, so it has a great look. Lighting fit the map pretty well, mixing good with the colors used. The railgun is too much of a good thing though. All I had to do is find bots and snipe them away.

I agree (yet again) with the idea of adding more jumpads so it is accessible in more than one way. This also led to a problem with the bots since they kept running toward the railgun area and leaving the rest of the map behind. Usually, I found them fighting down there, but running toward the railgun area and shooting each other at the same time! So, they were a bit too easy for my liking.

Still a very unique set of textures, too bad the bots didn't play well.



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