Turbulance by Mista T
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Mista T. unregistered
#5   19 Mar 2000
Sorry to let ya down, guys. I myself didn't like the way the level played either, so I'm working on a SECOND REVISION RELEASE. It will be better, honest.
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Mandog unregistered
#4   19 Mar 2000
OozE - maps can only be put in the Beta section by the authors themselves - if a map is unplayable, has the wrong folder structure, LEAKS etc we send an email sugesting the mapper puts the map into the Beta section. ATM we don't reject maps just cos we think they are crap
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Jim unregistered
#3   19 Mar 2000
This map is missing something- it looks like it is a work in progress. First off, it is just way too small. Also, both jump pads on the top level both lead to the quad, which itself is out of place on such a small map. I wasn't too fond of the texture choice (see the walls in the screenshot), and the stairs were just done by stacking blocks- looks very crude and unfinished.
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not entered unregistered
#2   19 Mar 2000
Tig: You never like any of the maps that come through here.
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0ozE unregistered
#1   19 Mar 2000
Why didn't this map go through the beta site first? Tig, why not take maps that are not 'finished' (due to lighting problems or obvious construction probs) and just PUT them in the Beta section...it's YOUR site. Why not?
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