Space Station Zappa
Space Station Zappa by =PiT=Leone
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Gorf Rep. 228
#5   01 May 2015
I see a lot of complaints about aesthetics when it should be about game play...this map is excellent... I think the placements are very good...slightly inconvenient? Sure but where is the challenge if you don't have to work for anything? Well done map =PIT=.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#4   16 Feb 2012
The item placement is just horrible :/. I'm sorry for the harsh comment but it's true ):.
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ExCeL Rep. 12
#3   02 Feb 2011
Just wanted to chime in here with my two cents. The first time I played this map, I was pretty underwhelmed. The textures are pretty drab, mostly grey, and it certainly isnt the best looking map you'll see.

However having played on it a few times I can honestly say that it does provide some very great gameplay indeed... I have had many fun battles on it with 20 (yes, 20!) player games, using bots.

It's different every time and there are some intense moments to be had, sometimes the flag room is filled with the opposing team, sometimes it's empty and you can nab the flag before being relentlessly pursued, sometimes you can go in the flag room with several of your team to mount a concerted attack, sometimes you're on your own, and sometimes you'll get all the way back to your base with the opposing flag only to be confronted with the other team ready to rail the s--- out of you, etc etc. I've had a lot of fun with it anyway.

I would say its a very underrated map IMO. Download it if you like small but fun maps which have replay value.

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SW12 unregistered
#2   08 Jul 2010
Don't mess with me I'm One crazy Mojo. I had to pop a cop because he wouldn't give me my props in oaktown. no? I just heard that somewhere. -Dr. Evil

I have the Dr. Evil Model. Is this from Austin powers?

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Leone unregistered
#1   27 Oct 2005
Thanks for the review. I'll just say that the drab consistant lighting was quite deliberate so that there was no advantage to using picmip 5 or picmip 0. As for bots....well yes they are a bit dumb ;-)
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