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Final Honors by Munyul Verminard
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Alice Rep. 565
#5   20 Oct 2016
A great map with very good gameflow. Unfortunately the silly cartoon on the teleporters is totally out-of-place. It ruins the atmosphere.
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dAde Rep. 0
#4   15 Sep 2005
nice one, great job ;)
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Mast3r BFG20K Rep. -2
#3   14 Sep 2005
as far as gameplay this map r00lz. but on the aesthetic side, it could have benefitted from some more textures. not everybody's a gameplay freak ya kno.
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misantropia unregistered
#2   13 Sep 2005
More than okay, it's great! Any serious CPMA player who wants a break from the same old maps (yes, cpm1a and cpm3a: I'm talking about you) should give this one a spin. They'll be sure to like it.
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Mast3r BFG20K Rep. -2
#1   13 Sep 2005
It would've been so awesome if this level was completely done... It's still an ok map.
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