pr1ajp by WidowMaker
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#5   21 Jan 2021
a little sparse on an ammo for its size. even if it was scaled down to bite size it could have still used a MH. In fact it was pretty sparse on everything for its size. also very flat, both aesthetically and gamewise. the areas weren't very well connected either. Ironically, it was the shaders that were my favourite part :/
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a retard unregistered
#4   27 May 2005
come on dont give up with bots. i love this map. i wish this is my mansion. and the gargoyle shadow on the wall is awesome- something you don t see often
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ShadowZombie Rep. 234
#3   27 May 2005
Just like {DEMO}LITION stated. Infosprite is a very nice place to house your maps wether it be final or in the early stages of beta. Also lvl has there beta section. Have you gone over to ( If not you might want to consider stopping by there and registering. Alot of great mappers over there, and the community is wonderful on helping new mappers.

Edited: 27.May.2005 13:33 UTC

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d3mol!t!on Rep. 70
#2   26 May 2005
If you sign up on Infosprite ( ) you can get 20MB space to store Quake and Doom maps for free. The servers are pretty damn fast too, so it'll be easy downloads for others. Also, you can put your maps up on pages where you can give a small screenshot and a few details about the map. Also ( ) offers you the latter, but not the former, so I only use it to put final maps on display. But you can put betas up and update them as you create new versions, but Infosprite's 20MB personal space for the files is more convenient in my eyes.
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WidowMaker (map author) unregistered
#1   26 May 2005
Thanks for the honest comments ShadowZombie. I can agree with almost all your points. The thing is I wanted to put my map on the beta list, and get feedback so I could make it better, but I haven't got any personal webspace so it's not possible. Any advice on how I can do it in the future?
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