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Closure by dONKEY
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Hooyaah Rep. 490
#7   21 Mar 2010
If you have serious issues with other maps then you should find having Closure a good thing.
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Hooyaah Rep. 490
#6   21 Mar 2010
One of dONKEY's most awe inspiring works, in my opinion, I am shocked that at the time of this comment, there were only four votes on this map, one of them being my own. What is not to admire about this level? The sky-box is magnificent and truly compliments the theme. The ambiance and detail made it one that has remained on my hard drive since I downloaded it years ago; my apologies to dONKEY for neither voting on nor commenting about it much sooner. Game play suffers not and the item placement is excellent. I admire the drop down to the MH and the seemingly unique look of the teleporter. Bots do very well and make play with them exciting and satisfying. My only nitpick is that some fitting sounds would add to the overall sensory experience. If you don't already have this one get it now; if you do, revisit it and remember how sweet it is to the eye and how well it quenches your Quake3 appetite.
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db unregistered
#5   02 Sep 2009
Interesting map. Don't think the author quite succeeds in the look he is trying to achieve. Some parts of map - textures - don't seem to harmonise with others. But don't let that stop any download. Interesting small touches are to be found if you look. For one there's the reflective mirror in the ceiling and what looks like floating dust motes or moving sunbeams. Nice.

Gameplay is good. This map should certainly be experienced.

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dONKEY Rep. 80
#4   22 Apr 2005
Got it, cool, thanks! Hope my reply arrives.
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GONNAKILLYA unregistered
#3   21 Apr 2005
Hey...no problem on the review. It was one of the older ones so I thought I'd give it a go.

Check your email.

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Dr. Jones Bones unregistered
#2   20 Apr 2005
You can play this map online now on this server:

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dONKEY Rep. 80
#1   20 Apr 2005
Thank you for the review, means a lot to me :)
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