Faerie Tale
Faerie Tale by dONKEY
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#6   12 Jun 2011
The screenshot was deceiving. The map is actually a LOT darker that what is shown. Which takes away points. But I liked the dropping leaves effect, so I'll make it a 3
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dONKEY unregistered
#5   05 Jun 2004
I missed these comments...many thanks indeed!
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Madan unregistered
#4   28 Feb 2004
A unique, beautiful map that has class and a style all of its own.

Of course, Constantin, such an ass, would hate it.


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Constantin the Smarm unregistered
#3   22 Oct 2003
Ooooo...leaves...oooooo. And then you die. A mapper that knows how to use curves! 5 for that effort. Now, go back to number crunching and recompile this thing! Looks like it started out as wham-bam but ended-up as wham-poof. 5/10. Why? Because you're left wondering why the heck it ended all so soon. 6 for technical, 5 for innovation (yippee, another freaking castle!) but 8 for ambience and textures. I think I'll end the torture now and let him squirm. Yes, type something! I know you're dying to! Go ahead! You'll never find me! Moooahahaha! Moooahahahah!"You're all peasants", I say! Peasants! Off with you!

Just take the map, make it bigger, add some story line to this ambience thingy of yours, crank up the 32 bit textures, sit back, let it compile, debug and then call us in the morning!

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Nightraven unregistered
#2   20 Oct 2003
This is a great map but the leaves are scary looking :)
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eNFlamed unregistered
#1   08 Oct 2003
This map is special and offers some really interesting gameplay. It only has rail/mg/gauntlet as weapons and the item layout is done accordingly.

Two perfectly placed YA are the major items in this map. A bunch of armor shards and small health balls are distributed throughout the map. This makes the decision hard to either pick them up or to stay sneeky each time again.

Using the jumppads is crucial to move from floor to floor quickly but on the other hand it keeps the enemy informed of your position.

I found myself deliberating about my next step often.

Many neat 'features' support gameplay. E.g.: try to fall down the jumppad tunnel from the top floor. But i would have clipped some more of the edges to support a more slippery movement.

There are two railgun armors (slugs) placed in the map. Me being a complete dm17 nerd i was a little sad that no machinegun armor was placed in the map.

The visual design of the map indeed reminded me of a fairy tale - 'alice in wonderland'. Though i felt that some combinations of textures, brushes and light don't fit too well the complete map somehow has a consistent look.

Playing this map against therailwh.re xaero :) was challenging and fun. For sure i will try this map against a human railer soon.


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