Got Wood
by on-X
Got Wood by on-X
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RedOne Rep. 87
#4   12 Aug 2010
Good map, but with slow gameplay. Too much health packs. And i hated the basement with the megahealth under flag's room.
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dEaTh unregistered
#3   20 Sep 2003
a bit confusing at first. this map does have a new texture for the naturally deprived, (2 amny tech maps) and is a blast to play. i gotta say that the wood is a little too much. item placement is great with quad in the center and 2 megahealths, on in each base. that applies to the red armor, which becomes a little too much, but i guess itll keep you alive longer. all the weapons are there i believe other than the BFG and frankly, i think the quad should be replaced with a haste as this is a CTF, the speed boost will be something much more fought over. good job over all but stop smoking so much pot. all that wood is a little crazy.
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*papri-K* unregistered
#2   21 Aug 2003
very nice map, apart from a few texture misalignments, its a mega-keeper.
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Daillew unregistered
#1   18 Aug 2003
Unconventional yes, But a good little map for a quick CTF game, I enjoyed it very much
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