Nice dreams
by mIKE
Nice dreams by mIKE
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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#4   13 Aug 2003
Here's a couple of screens of what I was talking about:

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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#3   13 Aug 2003
Have played this a couple of times now on my server. Seems like a very nice map and I'd disagree about the "no need for RG" comment. The large room with the RL provides ample use of the rail. Couple of questionable things I found were:

Possilby MH and RA are too close together

and I got caught on the curved ledge where the MH is. It was as if I was walking on the "celing" part of that curved area. Tough to explain, but if you are below the MH and look up then take that plane and extend it above where there shouldn't be a floor for anyone above, I was walking there.

All in all I would recommend this map for 4+ players... IMO I think it's too big with too much armor/health for 2 players.

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mIKE unregistered
#2   04 Aug 2003
Thx for the comment,

how about 2 vs 2.

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Dale unregistered
#1   02 Aug 2003
Its very good map !

Even if its quite big for 1-1, it is very well designed. Grab it

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