Pull Your Socks Up
Pull Your Socks Up by Lunaran
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raspatan Rep. 4259
#24   08 Nov 2020
Faaaaaaaast! This is non-stop fragging (or being fragged). Very nice design. I think it's best in Tourney mode. I don't like the fact that the RA portal takes you just above the portal. Everything else is great. I love the detail of the unfinished towers, but even more the detail of the flying birds. Never seen in any q3 map another "living" animal like that. Cool detail. They are like vultures waiting to eat your dead body.
Edited 12.28 hours after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2249
#23   29 Jan 2012
Looking at the screenshot, This industrialised map looks fun. I can tell only skilled players can take this map on :).
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redfella unregistered
#22   15 Nov 2003
I dled this awhile ago, but never commented. Nice work Lun! Keep it up and release another!


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Techx unregistered
#21   03 Aug 2003
Just played a few rounds with some bots.. fun map, nice atmosphere
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not entered unregistered
#20   29 Jul 2003
Great map, fast game play and really nice detailing, what more do you need?
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snickelfritz unregistered
#19   25 Jul 2003
Why does this level have such a low rating?

I gave it a 9.

Nice work.

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Jim unregistered
#18   24 Jul 2003
Wow, it's been a long time since I've come to LvL to get new maps, even longer since I've reviewed one.

It doesn't quite beat Coriolis Storm, but it's definately a good one. 9/10

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Pull Your Socks kerygma! unregistered
#17   23 Jul 2003
Well done, Lanorun LOL
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kerygma unregistered
#16   23 Jul 2003
This is a great map. I can't imagine how the score is as low as it is (7.43 presently), given the quality of this production. Well done, Lunaron. Keep up the good work.
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[acid] unregistered
#15   20 Jul 2003
my favourite lun-map. 10 points for illinois :)

i believe it was my budgies force, lunaran. hehe wave

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The Hubster unregistered
#14   18 Jul 2003
DJ from Mh to YA is sooo lush. I do love this map, although I tend to get a little dizzy at times (the flowpath in this map is a very tight circle on both lower and upper floors).

Being a lover of rail, this is one of the few rail-less maps I enjoy.

Another fantastic addition to the great crop of maps we're seeing being made for Promode.

Great job Lun, this is solid piece of work;-)

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poubellator unregistered
#13   16 Jul 2003
erm hey, lvl updated haha o/

the layout is outstanding, its very hard to get good gameplay out of such an "open" layout (and theme). well done! i'm missing a few more trickjumps :x dont flame me plz. btw did i mention that i love bugs like high camping spots etc? there are none :(

k anyway, play cpm duel on this map until it falls apart under your feet. gl hf

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Octovus unregistered
#12   15 Jul 2003
Well, this killed my upstairs computer but the "good" one loved it. Fast and fun, but...I PLAYED IT IN VQ3!!! OH NO! Well, I like VQ3, and I like this map, so there. Great stuff from Lunaran. However, I must say that the looks do not justify it's resource demands imo. Lun's other maps never cause problems. Also, one teleporter works such that you go into it and, if you continue forwards, you'll fall and teleport again in a loop. Kinda odd.

P.S. I had no trouble with 2 SGs, though maybe the bots don't like them.

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Kell unregistered
#11   15 Jul 2003
Maybe you should stop wasting time posting and get on with it!

Well, don't just stand there...get to it, soldier.

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Lunaran unregistered
#10   14 Jul 2003
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Maybe I should keep making these then. :)
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Vic_Victim unregistered
#9   14 Jul 2003
Not to keen on this one.

Looks are nice, but I expected more from Lunaran to be honest.

Gameplay's good but by far not the best map I've played.

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Scampie unregistered
#8   12 Jul 2003

Awesome map by Lunaran, as always.

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Dale unregistered
#7   12 Jul 2003
Ok, but not very pretty

circling ravens is the only standout feature.

Havent played humans, botplay is not that great. Are there any servers running this map ?

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da bootz unregistered
#6   12 Jul 2003
One of the best custom maps I've ever played. Practically flawless
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nitin unregistered
#5   12 Jul 2003
excellent map, lun's best gameplay map and as usual the looks are there too.
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StormShadow unregistered
#4   12 Jul 2003
Awsome map, a must have... Amazing combo of aesthetics and gameplay.


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dAde unregistered
#3   12 Jul 2003
GOOD WORK!!! CPMA tourney game rox, I played it several times and I must say, gameplay is impressive. Ive got only one 'but' - two SGs on the map - its too much for me. Thatd all. 1 more time gj :D, greetz.
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wviperw unregistered
#2   12 Jul 2003
The gameplay is where it is at in this one folks. Sure it looks pretty sweet w/ all the graphics turned up, but if you'd have followed it from the beginning, you'd know that the looks are really just a very good "tack-on" that Lun did.

Oh, and please play in CPMA. :)

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Shallow unregistered
#1   12 Jul 2003
You can never go wrong with a Lunaran map :)
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