Agony by Boffo
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5311
#5   09 Jan 2021
not a fan of remakes from a creative standpoint but I actually quite like this in terms of the faithfulness of the reproduction. the look and feel is pretty spot on
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v1l3 Rep. 885
#4   16 Jun 2007 sucks on the skies. I take it that your talking about the xdc_ss.pk3 mappack? It's a very hard thing to find that mappack. Someone told that it was illegal back in the day? I don't think it is.. I've had it since I played on the dreamcast and switched over to pc on the 1.16n p.r. long ago. I'm a dc_ss406 fiend....great for tourneys. I just liked the ss maps when on dc, because the pc players couldn't join in on them. Good luck beating a mouse when on a controller. =/
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Boffo Rep. 1
#3   15 Jun 2007
v1l3: You're right, I had no idea it was in the Dreamcast version. I tried it but I don't like all the pads and the different layout. It takes away from the fluidity and speed of the level. I think I probably should update my version though with some non-Q2 style textures and some better lighting. I will replace the BFG with another rocket launcher too. Also, whoever converted those Dreamcast levels didn't know how to define skies because all the skies clip and it makes it look bad.
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v1l3 Rep. 885
#2   14 Feb 2007
This is the same map as dc_ss405 on the Sega Dreamcast version of Q3A. I just finally realized that..bah doop. I like the Dreamcast version better. =o

Edited: 14.Feb.2007 12:32 AEST

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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#1   25 Jul 2003
I have played the Agony in Quake 2 and it was the best level. So I really liked this one. When first played it was a mad house because I put in too many bots. But I am still a fan of Agony.

This map is great from 1-3 players anymore it is crazy because of the BFG. Gameplay is great! I liked how the author kept it the same thing in everything like Quake 2. Same lighting which is good and same Item placement which is good except the BFG in the same place as Quake 2 makes the whole place crazy. It is still the same thing. But that is not a bad thing it is good. Agony lives on.

I gave it a 10.

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