Clockwerks by Timewax*HUNTER*
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chtonicnoise Rep. 29
#19   09 May 2012
5/10 don't good
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db unregistered
#18   28 Aug 2009
This map is equivalent to Tier Zero - Q3DM0 or Tier One (Introduction) - Q3DM1 to Q3DM3 maps. Expect nothing more if you download this map.
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dr.[G]Love unregistered
#17   28 May 2000
I'm not a beginner, but i like the map, but u should play it with uriel or doom instead of hunter!!!!!
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snaleGoNe unregistered
#16   27 May 2000
I downloaded that map 2 months ago and i still have it on my disk. It's just great for quick and fast games for a short intermission ( at least if your boss isn't watching :-)
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[Alo]M&dwoolf unregistered
#15   25 May 2000
Easy yes, beginner friendly yes but it also whips the lamas ass.

So why bother - just a great map.

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Reverend J.D. unregistered
#14   06 May 2000
Wow, furious gameplay. I liked the fast paced map. Overall the haste area needed more atention. Anyway 9/10
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Uni unregistered
#13   12 Mar 2000
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Bazûzeus unregistered
#12   10 Mar 2000
Yeah.. a really cool map for duel... it roxs!
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#11   10 Mar 2000
Oh come on,this map blows.simple beginner layout and the textures.forget it
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Rize unregistered
#10   08 Mar 2000
This map has a nice look to it although I would have touched up the lighting in a few spots. Even w/ the lights off the lighting seemed a bit dark in spots. I didn't like the bot play much either, and due to my 28.8 that's about all I ever play. I'll keep an eye out for this guys next map.
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0ozE unregistered
#9   06 Mar 2000
I thought the bot play was decent...try DOOM. This seems like a good map gameplay wise, but the textures and lighting..especially in some areas (rl and haste) are way too bright and bland. I would like it more with more 'Q3' Textures instead of the solid blue colors, etc. Gameplay potential was good though. I don't agree it's a 'newbie' map unless by Tigger-On are referring that it is all on one level. I think there is strategy involved. It may be a bit too easy to dominate though, just defend the rl and check on the lightning gun occasionally.
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Octovus unregistered
#8   05 Mar 2000
Just a question...which map?
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Drag-On{WcS} unregistered
#7   05 Mar 2000
Overall a nice map , bot play was a bit of a drag ... remined me of a Converted Quake 2 Map.Flow was good
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Octovus unregistered
#6   05 Mar 2000
Rightio...I know what you mean, when you aren't using a mouse gasp or are just getting used to one levels like Tourney4 can be annoying.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   05 Mar 2000
the newbie comment - new players seem to prefer games which are mostly played on one level, (q3dm0, q3dm1), complex layers can be too much at first - lots of where the hell did that come from. Not a criticism of the level.
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Octovus unregistered
#4   05 Mar 2000
Well this was a suprise..I dloaded Hope, I Like Your Hair Long, and this map. I ran this one first, not really expecting it to last long. The LG and RL were the two weapons that loaded (besides the SSG) and my suspicions were further fueled. I started to play and they flew out the window. Call me nuts if you please but to me this did NOT feel 60ish at all..more 70s IMHO. The weapon placement was good, aided game flow. The lava pit and the end of the Haste room was perhaps the only really out of place thing, there is no reason to go there as there is no worthwhile item and you would have to be idiotic or extremely unlucky to find yourself there by accident. It was nice and small, good for tourneys or a 2 on 2 TDM, though I found FFAs to much for this map. I may regret this later, but 9 outa 10. Tig...just a question. That comment "great map for newbie players" certainly sounded bad to me. Just wondering could you explain what you meant, couldn't quite figure it out by myself after playing it. =0

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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John Ballem unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2000
Got it...thanks!
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Mandog unregistered
#2   05 Mar 2000
This sometimes happens if you try to download within an hour of the map being posted. Just try again later.
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not entered unregistered
#1   05 Mar 2000
Tried downloading it from both "Fileplanet" and "ftp.cdrom"...N.F.G.

Gee...what a surprise...

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