Perfect Place
Perfect Place by TymoN
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#8   20 Oct 2012
This level looks like a combination of q3tourney4 and q3dm16 ???

Just another lightning and texturing?

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damndog unregistered
#7   09 Apr 2003
stay tuned because his next map is even better! :)
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Myth unregistered
#6   08 Apr 2003
It is indeed a very fun map :D I do enjoy a bit of vertical gameplay.

I also experienced the texture problem... no biggie tho

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StormShadow unregistered
#5   07 Apr 2003
texture was there for me..
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Todtsteltzer unregistered
#4   07 Apr 2003
P.S.: I just took a look into the pk3 and saw that the texture is there, but it's placed in the folder 'jumppad'.

Btw, 9/10 from me ;).

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Todtsteltzer unregistered
#3   07 Apr 2003
Me :).

I have to agree with StormShadow, great map. I really love the theme and the game play and I also don't have probs with the lightning ;). Unfortunately the Jumppad texture (from auh3dm1) is missing:

trying textures/auh3dm1/auhgrate.TGA...

Any chance to get a corrected version?

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TymoN unregistered
#2   07 Apr 2003
Thx StormShadow.

Who's next? ;)

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StormShadow unregistered
#1   06 Apr 2003
Fantastic map! Cool textures - although the texturing and brushwork are a little bland.

Sweet layout! Game flow is great, connectivity is top notch.. A map that flows well and has great vertical gameplay is rare. I didnt find the map too dark at all, its dim and moody, but certainly not dark. Had a real blast playing it.


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