A Shot In The Back
A Shot In The Back by RushFur
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#7   22 Jan 2012
I love these kind of maps :). They are just so awesome!. 10/10.
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Wortex Rep. 0
#6   25 Apr 2009
Hehe gaman að skoða þetta núna .. Wortex hérna ... jamm gömlu góðu mapp dagarnir .. já long time no see Rushfur áttum góða kombat daga í þessu mappi ásamt q3jdm8a heheh Hmm heyrumst farwel gamli :D
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*papri-K* unregistered
#5   17 Feb 2003
too open four tourneys imho, but sure fun for a quick dm. Very nice brushwork.
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Shagz unregistered
#4   12 Jan 2003
Really having fun on this map - very aptly named BTW, as you really need to watch where you're going, and where you're coming from. Double rocket launchers might be a little much, but if you're into that kind of gameplay (explosive, maybe a little spammy, definitely hectic) then give it a wirl.
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einzi unregistered
#3   11 Jan 2003
A cool map by the looks of it. I am not a quaker so I have no idea what I am talking about.. :P
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Uncas unregistered
#2   07 Jan 2003
One of the maps that just fit for cpma play... the extra sg/rl help in that direction.

I know it wasn't created with cpma in mind per say, but hey, George is just lucky I guess...

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krekits unregistered
#1   06 Jan 2003
A good map, the texture choice could've been more restricted and just have two or three sets of textures that go well together and stick to them, is it is now it a bit too bland. Gameplay is OK. Some of the JP's could've been stairs, at least the one leading to the SG. Two RL's and two SG's is a bit much for a map as small as this. Didn't like the TP textures.
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