Hommage to the Bad
Hommage to the Bad by swelt
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#11   17 Jul 2012


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lol unregistered
#10   11 Apr 2010
@cityy: I hate map without AAS file... i cannot create the AAS file for myself...


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cityy Rep. 375
#9   26 Mar 2010
Not a good reason to hate the map - if the missing aas file disturbs you, try to create one yourself. It isn't hard :) Good conversion IMO.

edit: typo..
Edited: 02 Dec 2010 AEST

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lol unregistered
#8   25 Mar 2010
I hate this map, because it has no AAS file.
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swelt unregistered
#7   10 Dec 2002
As I said in the readme, and as EBUK has picked up, I made this map as a learning experience. It's only because I managed to achieve a map that plays like DM4 that I even released it. So many DM4 conversions play differently, especially with promode fizix, that I was quite pleased that mine was similar.

Still, thx for taking the time to review, I'll be interested to see what someone makes of nodm2 :)

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EBUK unregistered
#6   10 Dec 2002
...yeah sorry, typo's re:AAS and force of habit re: Q3R.

Still player or not, mapper or not, I still stand by the review and say it demonstrates a great learning curve.. using an 'original' as a base..

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The Hubster unregistered
#5   10 Dec 2002
I have Swelt an 8, it's a good effort given that its a player making the effort to try and map for a change.

Good stuff mate;-)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   09 Dec 2002
Error in the review have been correct. Sorry about that.
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Drexciyian unregistered
#3   09 Dec 2002
Check out nodm2, its ALOT better, already being used in EU & NA CPM TDM leagues o/
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EBUK unregistered
#2   08 Dec 2002
To offer dome sort of fancy explanation would be a burden on my fingers and an insult to your intelligence..lol All genuine mistakes :P
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not entered unregistered
#1   07 Dec 2002
Is 'ASS file' (sic) in the review some sort of dig at the author's spelling of homage? :)

BTW it was made with Q3R202 not GTKR according to the readme...

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