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runonemty by RAD[BITCH]
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FragTastic Rep. 1420
#3   20 Jul 2012
The Skybox went totally wrong, it didn't suit the map atmosphere what so ever. On the other hand, it is fairly good since textures are finely brushed and bot play is good so it did win me over in the end. 6.5/10
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#2   17 Nov 2002
It is always the little details that make a mapp a keeper or a oh well. Bot support is critical in my mind because there are a lot of folks out there that play quake in single player mode. Also the map missed many tricks on acell pad throw length that make the map a problem to play. I call em as I see em.
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StoneEater unregistered
#1   11 Nov 2002
While it's good to see that there are still mappers out there, this map gets boring very, very quickly. In addition to bots hurling themselves into oblivion, camping with a rail gun gets tiring very quickly.

Not to be totally negative, a good layout that could be great with a little bit more work.

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