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After Forever
After Forever by Raven & KnightMB
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bepisman Rep. 118
#16   17 Feb 2020
Honestly the flying spaceships on this map are what make it so good.
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Colton Rep. 319
#15   26 Apr 2016
I'll take care of the bot support for you guys...
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FragTastic Rep. 1472
#14   10 Jan 2012
Amazing Map but sadly no bot support ):.
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bobo900 Rep. 10
#13   15 Apr 2011
awesome even though i cant play it
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SW12 unregistered
#12   29 Aug 2010
Has Raven ever made any maps individually? Because KnightMB Made a city map with MOVING CARS AND TRUCKS. WHY DID ONLY HE DO THAT?! I W4NT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding.
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gooball Rep. 816
#11   29 Aug 2010
Great layout and design, terrible glitches. Many textures are missing and a skybox. can you fix it!!??
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Raven Rep. 0
#10   17 Jun 2009
Yeah, thanks for all of the cool comments! A huge thanks goes out to KnightMb for all of the incredible work he did on this map to get the technical aspects of it working! I really miss working with you on things Knight. Remember the horrid gigantomasochistic Heliotropic Dreams level LOL? I still have a TA version of that map up on my site hehe. Maybe I can talk you into doing a Quake4 MP project with me one of these days ;)
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KnightMB Rep. 120
#9   24 Aug 2008
Hey everyone, I hate for all these great maps to not get any good action in the public? I've started a public TA server @ (gamespy listed as well) , I'm hoping to provide a refuge for all the old school TA players, come join if you can. It's setup on a fairly fast machine (by Q3 standards long ago) and on a fast business Internet connection with everything set to maximum. I'm hoping that with enough interest, this map along with many others here can slowly be rotated into the maps for the server so everyone can enjoy the "ultra fast" computers we all have now to play Q3 :-)
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Tig Rep. 1054
#8   11 Jul 2008
@KnightMB: Maybe you should submit your holodeck map. That is how the maps are added to ..::LvL :]
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KnightMB Rep. 120
#7   11 Jul 2008
Hey all,
Love the feedback. Raven did all the level and art design, I did the technical stuff like teleporters, shuttles, etc. Those were days! I'm glad those that appreciated the technical challenge to make the map work, I guess no one has seen my holodeck map where the entire world changes depending on the simulation chosen? Each time can choose their "base layout" from 4 holodeck consoles that run for a minute before reverting back to the "block" world feel.
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jkno Rep. 10
#6   09 Jul 2008
the map is awesome, unique and imaginative. too bad it doesn't support bot play.
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Tartaros unregistered
#5   13 May 2006
John I think that you need to install team arena to fix it ;)
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Anonymous unregistered
#4   12 May 2006
I... I... got got stuck when i saw shuttle trains...
I can't belive someone can do somewhat like this... i've always thought that they can't be activated andnow you let me see somewhat like this... When i decompiled the map i've thought that he was a Genis... no other ideas about it... i can't understand how he done it... really... i think i will never be great like him...

also with trap loops that i'm working with... and with the force shield tech that i'm also working on... Can I say: "he's god?" XD

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john unregistered
#3   29 Mar 2003
a lot of your map doesn't show up on my screen....it's just black with white lines...how do u fix that?
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Daniel unregistered
#2   09 Sep 2002
I did mention that this map has shuttles that transport you from base to base in the original review but this bit was edited :) This is a pretty original idea... along with the others that really make this map stick out as an innovator. I have a lot of respect for this map.
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Jim unregistered
#1   09 Sep 2002
Sadly, no bot play... :(
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