After Forever
By: Ford (Raven) Dye (The TeamHUH Design Core), with full technical support from KnightMB (The TeamHuh Design Core).


Map: After Forever
*Author: Level Design/Teleporter Design/Problem Solving/Weapon Ammo Placement/Scripting/Hint Brush Placement/ and Texturing: Ford (Raven) Dye (The TeamHUH Design Core)
*Co-Author: Full Technical Design and Support/Problem Solving/Weapon-Item-Ammo. help: Knight "Hint Master" MB (The TeamHuh Design Core)
Contact-->Ford (Raven) Dye: **email removed**, **email removed**.
Contact2-->Michael (KnightMB) Brown: **email removed**
Build Time : 3.5 months.
Finished: Finished


Level Type: Team Arena-HARVESTER/CTF/and Oneflag.


Other Q3Arena Levels: Heliotropic Dreams (Done), ROOK'S POINT (Alpha), and TRINITY GALE (Late Alpha).

Description: Two large space stations have taken refuge from one another in the atmospheres of two large planets, and they wage war against one another with the aid of the time and space jumping Linear accelerators and shuttles. They have found a neutral battleground amongst the stars on a lost station of advanced technology they found floating in the central zone of travel.

1. There is a secret, that gives the bright ones a secret BFG.
2. There are 2 bases and flag locations, with the secret in the middle.
3. All guns except the gaunlet are present.
4. There are a couple of hard to reach locations accessed by a teleporter, or a correctly planned rocket jump.


Additional Credits:

1. KnightMB (TeamHuh Design Core): Thank you for your immense technical design and support in this project!!!

2. Mr. Elusive (Id Software): Thank you soo much for the extensive help with clusterportals/clipping techniques/and fixing BSPC to allow for the complexity of my level :)

3. Tek (TeamHuh Design Core): Thank you soo much for allowing me to use your prefab, and manipulate it to my needs. You gave me the basis for my twisty bouncepad-support-cage thingys...You Rock!!! :)

4. Evil_Lair: Thank you soo much for your incredible textures, and for your wicked-awesome bouncepad model (which I have transformed a bit to be a teleporter:))

5. Astrocreep & Paul Jaquays (Id Software): Thank you soo much for all of your help over the months :)

6. Lloyd Morris & SPOG: Major thanks for the informative help and placement of Hint brushes, and thanks a bunch for the extensive beta test (Lloyd M.). Yes, thanks to your extensive run-through of my map guys it has come quite a ways :).

7. Thanks to the Undead Clan and (UC)Coyote for all of your support and comments:)

8. Id Software: For your incredible Game and its Tools/Textures etc.

9. Loki Software, Ttimo, and Iz (Qeradiant): For your incredible GTK Radiant support and tools.

10. Thanks to Beth---Goobermoo---(The Artemis MOD) for our awesome new Teamhuh Logo on the loading screen :)

11. Thanks to all of you on the Team Arena forums at Q3World that have been giving me great comments on this project. I hope you have a lot of fun playing the level!!!

12. Hal9000: Thank you for the sweet little "metalblackwave01 texture."

13. Jason Gill (Alias---Cornelius): <Email:**email removed**> Thank you very much for the two clangdark textures I used.

14. Karloff: Thank you for the great help and info. that will probably make a botfile possible for the final release.

15. Martin Ka'ai Cluney: Thank you the information and extra clarification of possible methods to cure my botfile conundrum.



1. Unzip the TH_after11x.ZIP and place the .PK3 into your
Quake3/baseq3/ directory.

2. To run this map: Go to your skirmish menu in "TA startserver mode" (under Harvester/CTF/ or Oneflag) and look for "After Forever"



****Test Machine : PIII 550 128MB SDRAM 64MB GeForce 2 Ultra****
**** Compile Machine: PIII 550 128MB RAM 64MB GeForce 2 Ultra****
**** Recommended Machine: Minimum System should be a PIII with 128Mb RAM, and a TNT2 Ultra (preferably GeForce or GeForce2) ****

SP BOT support - NO

Deathmatch\Harvester - Yes (16 Players)

Co-operative - Yes

New Textures - Yes (over 80% of architectural textures are custom)




Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: GTK-TA v1.1 Beta/GTK-TA v1.1 (Full Release).
Known Bugs: The level was too complex to support bots.
Compile Machine: PIII-550MHz with 128MB RAM
Total time: 11 Hours 15 Minutes for a Fullvis (-light extra) compile.
Visdatasize 1.233MB


Copyright and Permissions:

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

This level may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put TH_after11x.PK3 on any CD or distribute
it in any way without Ford Dye, or KnightMB's permission.

Ford (Raven) Dye