HardWired by Akuma
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5822
#14   01 May 2021
with Takkie's Rocket and Slugs available to download, I will be playing on this with this mod. I've been following your downloads and votes very closely lately @Takkie because I suspect you have been looking for maps that will play well in the mod. ;)
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Obsessed Rep. 576
#13   17 May 2018
This map fits extremely well with the notion of "cool level" because of its moderate simplicity. RA area is a bit too strengthened in comparison with the rest, imho. I'd move at least one 25hp bubble and the LG ammo further away.
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Foralarx Rep. 608
#12   04 Nov 2015
Don't know how I missed this map being a mapaholic back in the day. I only came across it when I saw Takkies post and it's been here since 2002!!. This map really should have had so much more exposure. If you've also missed it. Grab it ... You will not be disappointed.
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obstroc unregistered
#11   14 Apr 2015
Great map this one! Fun gameplay and top layout, minimalistic them with well thought out little details, which gives enough room for a nice atmosphere. Usually I like bigger maps with much more room in it, but the gameplay convices completely here. All in all a real round and very solid package. For me a keeper.
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Takkie Rep. 1728
#10   16 Jan 2015
Genius map, i love the cleanness, gameplay and bots. The layout is spot on.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2523
#9   16 Nov 2011
This is a nice, clean duel map. The visuals are not overdone or distracting, yet still appealing. It does have that Q2-ish vibe but also feels like a Q1 base-themed map. (Slipgate Complex, etc.) I played it online on FragLove and the gameplay is pretty fun.
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PaN61 Rep. 347
#8   12 May 2010
Excellent layout and design of the map, lighting is really good and the IKBase textures are used perfectly. Bots play really good but unfortunately, they don't go for the Megahealth. The item and weapon placement is excellent to keep you moving around the map. Gameplay is really good as well as the great connectivity throughout the map.

I like the extra features like the pipes with the red lighting which are under the floor.

Really good map Akuma, 9/10.


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Akuma unregistered
#7   03 May 2010
Thanks AEon, it's been a while since this was released...

Yes it's pretty basic, I guess we all have to start somewhere ;)

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AEon Rep. 730
#6   25 Aug 2009
I love these well done maps with Q2'ish feel to them. Details with the floor grids with underlying tubing are really neat, a tad more eye candy might have been nice. The map has a very clean look, and the layout is fine, it's fun to play against the bots.
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Akuma unregistered
#5   01 Sep 2002
Thanks guys :)
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rokscott unregistered
#4   30 Aug 2002
Very sweet indeed.
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Speedy unregistered
#3   30 Aug 2002
Akuma is the man. Awesome map that shows great consistensy and style, solid proportions and features fun gameplay. Professionla level work.

Too bad we dont see many maps of this kind now..

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Scampie unregistered
#2   29 Aug 2002
very very very awesome little map. Akuma is a god of making nice little tourney layouts, look at all his Speedmaps for proof, with people scrambling all over the map up and down and over and across... it's good stuff and this is some of his best.

map looks great with nice little details clipped off and a clean open style that never looks bland or dull. good work.

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Myth unregistered
#1   29 Aug 2002
I played this map ages ago over the net and I have to say it does play VERY nicely with around 3 ppl.

Not my style of textures, but that's just a personal preference, what's been done with them is cool.

The review is spot on - layout is great

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