Quake, Beer, and Wrestling
Quake, Beer, and Wrestling by {MoD}SnyperKiLL
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Brett Brennan Rep. 379
#13   22 May 2016
As a DIE HARD WWE fan, I WILL be getting this one!
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#12   07 Jan 2012
Good old days :). Downloaded this map a few years back and played it online with mates. Its really cool.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#11   11 Aug 2011
I tried this with HUNT, hoping that the Predators would watch in the stands, and the Titans would box each other in the ring. But instead they all spawned at the Quake 3 logo. Oh well. Its still a nice map to me.

This is usually where TheMuffinMan comes in and says its not very good because its gameplay isn't too good.

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cLaw unregistered
#10   09 Aug 2011
i like this map :D
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BlueParadicey Rep. 34
#9   17 Jan 2011
lol i'll download it cause it sounds fun.
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Diamond Dallas Page unregistered
#8   06 Jul 2002
Anyone who doesn't like this map can get the F out because this empty WCW areana rules! And that's not a bad thing: that's...a good thing! [cue megawatt smile]
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VisionThing unregistered
#7   02 Jul 2002
not entered: This map was on the map queue and was one of the three I downloaded. I reviewed it and whether or not you like it is irrelevent to whether it gets put on the site or not. I didn't think it was bad enough to not get put on the site and it may inspire ppl, possibly yourself to produce a better map with the same theme. People also tend to respect opinons more with a name to back them so if you want to suggest what should and shouldn't be put on the site I suggest you start posting under your "proper" name so we can see who you are.
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HentaiBoy unregistered
#6   02 Jul 2002
It's better than nothing I think. I've wanted a wrestling ring for years in quake. I made my own in Doom 2, with regular and cage modes too. But I hate to say it, but even my doom wrestling ring had more wrestling effects like appropriate wrestler intro lighting and midis of wrestlers themes. But you aren't into that stuff so oh well. I'm still having a blast bouncing around the inside of the ring.

Somebody make something like this WITH the eye candy and cool detailed backstages and everything else to make it more, real?

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Hunter Hurst Helmsley unregistered
#5   27 Jun 2002
This map-uh...is not-uh...the game-uh...because it is...THAT...DAMN...BAD-uh!
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wviperw unregistered
#4   26 Jun 2002
I don't know, but from the screen it doesn't even look like a wrestling ring. And it looks like it as the gameplay equivalent to the inside of a cereal box. :D
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{MoD}SnyperKiLL unregistered
#3   26 Jun 2002
yeah well... it really is for hardcore fans only... i never intended for it to be all "pretty eye candy", im not into that... i just take what id software gives me (texture-wise) and just do my thing... i was never great with all the bends and bevels and end caps and what-not...
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VisionThing unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2002
ROFL! I think Tig summed it up better than me there :p. I will remember to be more harsh on bad maps in the future :D.
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THE ROCK unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2002
FINALLY...The Rock HAS COME BACK to Quake...Three...Arena! IF YOU SMELL....who The Rock...is fragging! [cue music]
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