by PrED
'own'arama by PrED
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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#5   31 May 2000
Id have to agree with twitch, lets get some original space maps! No offende to you Pred, just stating a well known fact =)
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#4   24 Feb 2000
I think something is very evident about space maps...they ALL LOOK THE SAME.

This can be proven by looking at the line-up of screenshots on the main page. I thought it was all the same level, just taken from different angles.

Something different, please...!

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Octovus unregistered
#3   24 Feb 2000
Hmmm, another argument.... I never been in one o these at LvL yet, but yeah Viagra, here you are, acting queer and saying every thing owns every one (but you say j00, does that mean it doesn't own YOU ? U haven't even voted, I'm still the only one who has. Hmm, that felt good. Oh yeah, I downgraded it to a 4. =(
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Crudeseal1@aol.com unregistered
#2   24 Feb 2000
Okay viagra, all maps can't "own joo" whatever the hell that means. just had to say it.

This map sucks big time

no offense to the author, but you need some more practice cuz.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   24 Feb 2000
Well, I might be being a little generous, but a five none the less. A really like going through that tunnel, with the grapple u can get some kwl skate-boardingish action going.... the weaponplacement was ok at best, it was sure as hell a floater which is okay IMHO. Yep. I've officially gone nuts.... but the bounce pad to the megahealth was just GAY .
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