[ e v i l s p a c e ]
[ e v i l s p a c e ] by evillair
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gooball Rep. 1081
#18   06 Jul 2011
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lol unregistered
#17   01 Apr 2010
This map is ported in to Nexuiz by SavageX.
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Anonymous unregistered
#16   15 Apr 2006
Yo all!
|L&M|* instaunlagged clan leader here. B-) Map deserves definetely a 10 IF you play insta or railarena on it. So for me, it is the nr. 1 map! It's just the best, it exceeds q3dm17!!!!
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evil lair unregistered
#15   11 Mar 2002
Thanks for the comments, I realize that item placement and layout was a bit to be desired.

I didn't make this map to be a 'great map' I just wanted to make a map to test my textures and the people I played on it seemed to like it so I decided to release it.

It's meant to be small and fast, I think I acomplished this, sorta.

Thanks again for the good/bad feedback, alot of points have been made and if I release another q3 map I'll take them into account.

I was hoping for more constructive feedback from beta testing, but didn't quite get what I hoped for, maybe next time.



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Metal jacket unregistered
#14   09 Mar 2002
Space.......the final frontier......:).....good map.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#13   08 Mar 2002
This is a very good effort for a first release but as other people have said, there isn't a lot of armour and the main armour is on the same flight path as the RG. I had a laugh for a while but even Xaero is easy 'cause the bots don't get RG unless you give it to them. Poss better with human players but prob not as the balance is a bit off. Not a bad layout tho' and it looked nice, 6 from me. Oh yeah, nanoSpawn is that a 5 for a floater or a 5 compared with map types that you do like? If it's the latter it seems at little harsh as all it really needed was some tweaking in the item placement and it could have been a lot more playable.
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*)I(*Freggel unregistered
#12   08 Mar 2002
I love it i just loveit!


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Blood unregistered
#11   08 Mar 2002
I love space maps and this is an excellent first release!
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ButterB unregistered
#10   08 Mar 2002
Overall I liked it, but it just got old fast. It just has a very nice clean look to it. Too bad the bots are idiots. 6 from me. Wish it kept my interest more.


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nanoSpawn unregistered
#9   08 Mar 2002
he, even q3dm17 is a great 1v1 instagib map, actually, instagib is fun in almost any map =)

Since it's a floater, just dressed with purty evil's texes, i will give it a 5, i just hate floaters, no strategy there, just pure aiming

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OzZ unregistered
#8   08 Mar 2002
It is a great 1v1 instagib map. I have been playing this map online for while now and the action even up to 6-8 people at TDM is quite fast and furious. There are some cool trick jumping opportunities as well.
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wviperw unregistered
#7   07 Mar 2002
never really liked the play of this map that well. Too small and simple and chaotic. Plus its symmetrical of course. Look for evil lairs next space level (if he's still releasing it), its a lot more fun IMO.
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NoCtUrNaL unregistered
#6   07 Mar 2002
At least it's not another mind numbing hallway map. Thank God.
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#5   07 Mar 2002
Definitely nice work for a first release.

Although I shouldn't comment on gameplay as I hate space maps, I thought the layout wasn't too bad as all space maps are owned with the RG if it is included anyway.


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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#4   07 Mar 2002
"Huh? Can you grab both at once?"

Yes, you can get the yellow armor as you are getting the Railgun, not just from the side bouncepads.

Geeze, I think I reviewed this map three weeks ago, heh heh.

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StormShadow unregistered
#3   07 Mar 2002
I think its pretty damn good for a first map! Looks great, gameplay is fine for a space map. Definitely worth a look!
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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#2   07 Mar 2002
Hi guys!

Well, we had quite some fun in our small uncompetitive LAN. But as I already mentioned, we really like Space-Maps. In fact, we probably like them as much as Pure Imaginary h8s them ;)

I think the symmetric lay-out works.

"the only major armour item is placed next to the Railgun"

Huh? Can you grab both at once?

I remember that both are on different jump-pad flying paths? Time for a replay I guess...

My only serious complaint would be that the bots focus too much on the RL instead of also on the RG.

I found the archgitecture quite cool, especially the way the jump-pads are done at the bottom level.

Normally a clear 8, but I have to take a bit off for the bots, 7 for me. Still, I'd recommend that for floater fans immediately!



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Electro unregistered
#1   07 Mar 2002
definately agree with the comment look dont touch.

map is really nice, until you actually sit down and play it.

5 from me.

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