Running Around
by A10k
Running Around by A10k
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#2   06 Feb 2012
Lol this map looks loads of fun with Instagib. I can imagine the carnage of long range shots :).
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RadMonkey unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2003
Very odd map. Would be extremely low-scoring if you lost a frag every time you fell off. Two strategies seemed to work very well on this map: 1) keep falling off on purpose until you materialize in a prime spot for a kill, or 2) get to the outside ledge, run around aruond it until you get the megahealth, then make for the rocket launcher and take pot shots at the bots in the middle section. I suck at Quake and it was pretty easy even for me to keep the bots who ventured to the outside ledge from getting very close to my camping spot. Even got a couple of long-distance machine-gun frags from there. Either way not a very fun map. Might be more fun against real people but most likely not.
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