Space BattleGround Pro
by Qd
Space BattleGround Pro by Qd
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#2   16 Feb 2002
I don't think including a TA texture is legal, but if it has been modified to make it fit the map, I don't see it being as much of a problem, since his map could theoretically be designed in TA in mind (and he simply needed to modify the texture to make it work in his map).
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d00m5uck4 unregistered
#1   16 Feb 2002

I agree with Pure Imaginary on the grenades (in fact, I think I have to find a map where the grenade launcher is less useful), I always like a shotgun, so I am not objective there.

We had quite some fun with the " Space BattleGround" (non-pro version) both against bots and more on a LAN (but we tend to like space maps, so again not really objective).

The battle suit is indeed at least half-useful ;)

However, my major problem is that I just read in the txt file of the pro version that it includes textures from "the Team Arena mission pack".

Is this legal?



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