Kiss the Sky
by pjw
Kiss the Sky by pjw
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#15   10 Jul 2012
I got the map working and it does have good bot play including some good online matches which I managed to host ;). I like the way you used your own original ideas to make such a brilliant map like this. 8/10
Edited: 10 Jul 2012 AEST
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#14   22 Jun 2012
What? Fantastic noodle? :D Have tried and not working :)
Edited: 22 Jun 2012 AEST
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Tig Rep. 1604
#13   09 Aug 2008
Ahh.. yes, I put in some simple anti-slang / anti-profanity detection code a long time ago. Basically it converts some words to some other words that are a little less offensive. fantastic noodle is the conversion word for gay, as you have found out :]

It may be worth taking out this code, at least for now.

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5g unregistered
#12   29 Feb 2004
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<:shadowzombie:> unregistered
#11   18 Jan 2002
not a problem we all have our moment's,but i do have my third map ready for beta testing,but no on-line (boooooo) so when i get it back,would ya look it over? thanx for the notation hehe. c-ya
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pjw unregistered
#10   16 Jan 2002
Thanks ShadowZombie!

I just checked, and I had forgotten you looked at it and left you out of the readme. :( Damn, I'm sorry dude. I owe ya one.

No on-line!? I'd be in trouble. :)

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<:ShadowZombie:> unregistered
#9   16 Jan 2002
hey pjw what's up? right now im using a library pc to check my e-mail,and looking over lvl to see what's going on. well i see that you've finally got this bad boy out,though i can't download it right now im sure it's just as killer when i beta tested it before. it'll be probably another month.... maybe sooner when i'm back on-line,and then i'll give it run. well until then keep the damn good map's coming. c-ya
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Octovus unregistered
#8   16 Jan 2002
I'm going to say this about the BFG: It's entirely possible to get it by doing a GL or RL jump from the ledge below it. This isn't pjw's "trick", and it's fairly obvious, so I don't feel guilty writing it. Mind you it can take 3 or 4 tries so have plenty of health when you go up :-p )I have done it before(
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pjw unregistered
#7   16 Jan 2002
Thanks for the thoughtful feedback axbaby! To answer some questions: Yes, you can get the BFG. (It's actually not too hard once you figure it out, just a little tricky, and a bit time-consuming in the heat of battle. A lot of people like figuring things out for themselves, so I ask people to email me if they want to know. I've probably received 20 emails from people over the last few months asking how to get it. :) There's a med kit that's also a little tricky to get.

The pits were specially non-deadly for a buddy of mine that just hates falling to his death all the time.

Interesting idea about the water--I never even considered removing it since no one ever suggested it. Hmmmn.

I'll catch you on Q3W for the pic.

In any case, I'm glad you liked the map!

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axbaby unregistered
#6   15 Jan 2002
weird , unique and fun .
can one ask for more .
well i can a little i guess .

found some of the texturing a bit plain but the purple textured shader thingy was very nice , not overly used " which if i had made it or found it i would probably have overused" .

never did get the BFG , hell i don't even know if i was supposed to but laughed when i saw the treat you left , next time make sure their full , some of us get thirsty you know :D

i really liked the fact that i wasn't punished for falling into the pit by accident .
the inclusion of the mandatory water in such a level i think ,
as usual was not needed .
so many unique design ideas
that actually work to enhance the gameplay causes me to score this higher then i normally would . framerates were better then expected when i saw all that you had to offer .

one tiny visual glitch "seemed like an overlapped brush " kind of surprised me as i thought you would have seen it although you have to be at quite a height for it to catch your eye.

it may also be a fault of the engine itself as at a lower height the glitch disappears.
i have a screenshot , find me at q3w if interested .
so much to explore but i pretty much knew where all the bots were with all the sound cues you provided .

very nice and played pretty good

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pjw unregistered
#5   15 Jan 2002
heehee. Not sure quite what that means, Q-Fraggel, but thanks (I think). :)

Hmmn. 4.5 after 4 votes, and I know the first two were 7s. I wish that whoever is scoring this map with 2s would comment as to why they feel it's that bad. (Unless you're that guy I ran over on I-80 yesterday; then I understand. :)

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#4   14 Jan 2002
Great huge sweetie !!
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pjw unregistered
#3   13 Jan 2002
Maps are never finished, they're just kicked out into the world to fend for themselves at some point. :)

Octovus, you're right in that it's perhaps a bit lacking in cohesiveness, but I was at a point where it was either good enough, or I was going to have to contemplate a complete retexturing. I took the easy way out. :)

The CTF version is in the works. Beta in, maybe, a week or so.

Thanks for the supportive review. I do feel that I should point out that most of the custom textures in the map (minus a few things like the purple slimy bits and shiny metal) are courtesy of the almost frighteningly talented Evil Lair--didn't want anyone to think I made them.

badbro, glad you like it, and thanks to both of you guys for the pimpage on pjw3dm3. :)

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Octovus unregistered
#2   13 Jan 2002
His latest release is certainly a treat :-) However I really liked some parts of this map, and hated some others. The look is certainly nice individual but beyond the courtyard there is little continuity. That is to say, it's pulled off well, but not very cohesive. And due to the size of the map you need to have humans playing, and probably a LAN - bots just like some parts of the map so much you can't afford to explore the rest of it when you play against the AI. I did like the launcher idea, and in Jumping to contusions it is certainly put to good use. That level is also much more cohesive in looks, I suggest you check it out. It just seems to me that perhaps Pjw got bored of this map and put it out in a slightly unfinished it is, it gets a 7 from me. Any further thoughts on a CTF version?


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badbro unregistered
#1   13 Jan 2002
Kiss the sky has been out for a little while now and it has proved to be a keeper. Very verticle in the action and never boring or repeditive.PJW is becoming a great mapper. I love his latest release pjw3dm3.

Grab this one for some hot fraggin.

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