Zeus' Logic
Zeus' Logic by Griever
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Giraffe }{unter unregistered
#4   07 Nov 2001
Heh now your up on 2 sites with this baby. The screenie from Quake 3 World was sweet. I wish you would pimp the YEAH map :)

<a href="www.theforumz.com/forumz/index.php" target="_blank">www.theforumz.com/forumz/index.php</a>

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griever unregistered
#3   19 Oct 2001
that was grieverdm1, I forgot the name of it...

you can get it here though

<a href="grieverr.homestead.../grieverdm1.zip" target="_blank">grieverr.homestead.../grieverdm1.zip</a>

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eddie unregistered
#2   15 Oct 2001
griever rulezzz....I think he has better maps then this though.

Grieve, what was the 2nd one you did on Q3W? Had a curved hallways with LG, and then a bigger room with a coupla levels?

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Infamous unregistered
#1   15 Oct 2001
I like the open layout, there are a couple good spots for rocket jump practice...see if you can find them :D
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