The Dark Zone 2020
Screenshot for The Dark Zone 2020 by [=CC=]Lunacy
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01 Oct 2000
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Don't know..i like the idea of turning it into a spacestation :) at least that's originality... 's what you don't see much these days..:I
And so what.. it's larger it's not a true conversion blablabla
silly me ... guess the whole idea of level building, even if it is re-creating.. is creativity... ah well.
btw nothing sucks more than a true conversion. You already seen it, played it...
:I and rebuilding it in the exact same way, but in another game...remains the same old level. :)
so tweaking it ain't a bad idea.
U know, back in the old doom days (heh :) many level designers rebuild "the entryway" for doom2 or "hangar" for ultimate doom. Few managed to be creative and add a personal touch.
And those where the conversions i really enjoyed !
And i still do. :)
yeah well maybe it ain't the best. But that's different from person to person.
=) btw love ut levels. I mean deathmatch on a galleon or on a ship that goes tru hyperspace..
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01 Oct 2000
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Way better than other conversions I've seen.. the others are way too tight, and just simplest possible conversions..
Tig, "better conversions out there"? I love this map from q1, so a link included in your next comment would be great :)
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30 Sep 2000
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Its a little different but still rocks if u like conversions

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