Favorite Quake 3 Arena Map? (No Custom Maps)
Started by FragTastic
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#1   04 Jan 2012
The Longest Yard Q3DM17 FTW!!.. Best arena for Rocket Launching and Rail..
Tig Rep. 1324
#2   04 Jan 2012
Personally, I like The Lost World, q3dm13.
PaN61 Rep. 337
#3   04 Jan 2012
I also like q3dm17 "The Longest Yard". Been one of my favourite maps to play on as a FFA map. Other FFA maps that I like are q3dm6 "The Camping Grounds" and q3dm12 "The Dredwerkz". I love all the stock CTF maps, although taking more liking to q3ctf3 "The Stronghold" and q3ctf4 "Space CTF" than the other two.

I'm more of a team player meaning I love the CTF and Team Deathmatch gametypes more than FFA and Tournament. But I would also be happy in playing a FFA match when I don't want to play team games. I'm not a fan of tournament for some reason. Tournament never appealed to me in the way team games did (No offence to the tourney gametype mappers).

And that's me.

FragTastic Rep. 2237
#4   28 Jan 2012
CZghost Rep. 1581
#5   02 Feb 2012
dm2 (The Spillway), dm7 (Temple of Retribution), dm17 (The Longest Yard), dm19 (Appocallypse Void)
MOON Rep. 0
#6   02 Feb 2012
Quake 3 Death Match 1, 6, 7, and 17 are my all time favorite maps.
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#7   03 Feb 2012
Or you could of just said Q3DM1, Q3DM6, Q3DM7 & Q3DM17 :P
Alexje60 Rep. 62
#8   12 Feb 2012
Tokay's Tourney!!! :) Very unkown map but i LOVE it :-D
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#9   13 Feb 2012
Hmm I dont remember that one :/.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2220
#10   15 Feb 2012
@Alexje60: Isn't that a Quake II map?
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#11   15 Feb 2012
@SW12: Just searched it up and yes it is a Q2 Map.
themuffinator Rep. 998
#12   16 Feb 2012
You should have searched harder. Tokay's Towers (q2dm2) and Tokay's Tourney ( lvlworld.com/review.php ) are 2 different maps, although the latter was inspired by the former. Alex probably just skipped the 'no custom maps' part of the thread title.
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#13   16 Feb 2012
@themuffinator: Hmm you always get everything right :).
Grim Dungeons because it's a Gothic dungeon :D.
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#15   15 Mar 2012
@Satan Fang: I'm not a big fan of Gothic maps but I got to say, They are pretty fun :).
I prefer everything that's Gothic.
FragTastic Rep. 2237
#17   17 Mar 2012
@Satan Fang: I actually like some Gothic maps but I normally hate them. I love Blood Run that's my fav Gothic map :)
Geniraul Rep. 579
#18   07 Jan 2023
It's Q3DM12 and Q3DM6 for me, I think DM12 is highly underrated, cause I don't often hear people relating to this map as to their favorite one.

As for CTF maps, I would say Q3CTF2 thanks to its amazing atmosphere.

Neon_Knight Rep. 204
#19   16 days ago
Q3DM1 (Once I've recreated the map for a contest for UT2004)
MPTEAM1 from Team Arena
MPTEAM3 from Team Arena
MPTEAM4 from Team Arena
MPTOURNEY1 from Team Arena
MPTERRA1 from Team Arena
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5758
#20   13 days ago
asides from the obvious lost world and camp grounds...
q3dm5, q3dm10, q3dm11, q3dm19

dm19 - because i like navigating the drops and rises off the moving platforms, and strafing off the pad from the quad platform gives you nice coverage of the rest of the map if you are looking to get quickly back into the main game.

q3dm11 because i like a lot of the individual areas. I have spent entire matches just guarding the RA spawn and adjacent rooms.

dm10 because although the invis area and health regen are a bit of a novelty, the stair and catwalk set ups are nicely structured to allow for some interesting cat and mouse fights.

dm5 also because of the catwalks and cat and mouse fights.

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