Spiterbot - Plasma gun shoots squeares in .Please help.
Started by kamtcho
kamtcho Rep. 0
#1   14 Dec 2023
As titl, plasma gun shoots squares and i do not see anything on screen, just squares.

How show original ammo shooting from plasma?

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Tig Rep. 1612
#2   14 Dec 2023
@kamtcho : Sounds like a shader is missing a texture. Best guess is this is from a shader conflict with another PK3.

I would recommend:

  • Remove all PK3 files except the original ones and test if the plasma gun works correctly.
  • If there are no issues, add back the Spiterbot PK3 and test again (or load the mod).
  • Still no issue, add back the other PK3's, one at a time until you find the error.
bouwwerf Rep. 0
#3   12 Jan 2024
What Tig said.
If you want to change the appearance of the Plasma Gun, you can toggle the cvar cg_oldPlasma between 0 and 1. Setting it to anything higher than 0 will turn the bubbly plasma trail off.
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