Books related to Quake 3
Started by Geniraul
Geniraul Rep. 1220
#1   25 Sep 2023
I've been posting lists of books related to the Quake series and hyperlinks to them on another forum lately and thought it would be a good idea to publish a list of the books that are related to Quake 3 in some way or another here, on ..::LvL. By this I mean such books, which I managed to find on the Internet, as books on Quake III Arena, books which have at least one chapter about Q3 or talk about the game a lot, and those that are related to something particular that can be found in Q3 (for example, comic books on Quake Champions, as some of the QC characters appear in Q3, too).

An interesting fact is that many books dedicated to the Quake series talk specifically about Quake III Arena, with the artificial intelligence of Q3 bots being one of the most popular subjects for study and analysis. J.M.P. van Waveren was truly a revolutionary in this field.

Anyway, that's all so far, feel free to enrich this thread with some more Q3-related books you're familiar with.
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Tig Rep. 1604
#2   26 Sep 2023
@Geniraul - Wow, this is awesome. I have only check out a few of the documents and links so far. Really enjoying this reading list :)


Geniraul Rep. 1220
#3   26 Sep 2023
@Tig I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the list!
I hope someday it will be replenished with even more amazing books :)

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