Is there any save tool for Quake 3?
Started by Geniraul
Geniraul Rep. 1474
#1   18 Aug 2023
Is there any tool for Q3 that can save the current match state? I think I saw it in one of the playthrough videos, although I could be wrong.
Tig Rep. 1702
#2   19 Aug 2023
Interesting request. Personally, I hit ESC, do what ever I need to do (like answer a call) then press ESC again to resume.

I can not remember wanting anything more than this :)

Very curious as to why you want such a feature with Q3A?

Geniraul Rep. 1474
#3   20 Aug 2023
I mostly meant saving the current bot match state, e.g. when the timelimit is set to 100 or the fraglimit is set to 500 on larger maps. Sometimes I need to urgently do something that requires more time to implement, and it's somewhat sad to loose all the progression when I'm say 3/4 done C: It could be a good idea to save, go do all the necessary affairs and then come back to the match and continue from its last state with the appropriate tool (although I'm not sure it exists at this point) :)

I think such a tool could also be useful in matches with real players, just like with bots, to practically develop different scenarios and to see how this goes ;) Maybe even to show different ways to get out of a certain difficult situation, and to be able to record such cases on video etc. Similar to how you can get out of a snooker :P

Geniraul Rep. 1474
#4   24 Aug 2023
I just remembered yesterday that this feature would be especially useful in the Outpost mod to save game progress more often.

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