Liveview on Chromebook
Started by weller107
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#1   07 Jul 2023
I'm curious if Liveview would run on a Chromebook? Thinking of getting one for a friend so they can checkout all the fantastic work here and have a lead on some cheap chromebooks. I guess I would wonder if it would work on a chromebook running Chrome OS? Not sure of the memory requirements needed? Or do you think a better shot of a chromebook running windows? Thanks in advance!
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#2   08 Jul 2023
@weller107 : LiveView uses JavaScript, the web browser feature indexedDB and some hard drive space (at least 200MB).

You can load LiveView on a mobile phone, it is just not practical due to the lack of a mouse. Even low end Chromebooks are at least as good as a mobile - and have a mouse.

I have an old Lenovo X1 Carbon (original) from 2012, (4G RAM, i5 1.7Ghz) that is used as a test box that runs LiveView without an issue.

While I can not be certain, LiveView should run on a Chromebook. LiveView is more a browser application than anything else. It really should work.

If you do end up getting one, it would be great to get a confirmation :)

weller107 Rep. 1
#3   11 Jul 2023
Thanks I assumed so but wasn't sure what the demand was. I've used LiveVIew a ton on my ipad with bluetooth keyboard which is awesome because that keeps me more mobile when using the VR headset.

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