Looking for a CTF map. Can you please help me?
Started by Artifex1979
Artifex1979 Rep. 0
#1   10 May 2023
Hi there.

I'm looking for a CTF map. I can't remeber it's name.

It's a big map, most of it wooden, and there are 3 ways to cross to the other base: through a bridge that crosses a lake on the ground floor, by wooden bridges on the upper floor going around the lake, and you can dive and swim, which gets you either from your base to the lake or inside the other base.

One curious feature of this map is that there is an unlockable door behind both flags, which provide a second way to reach the flag. And it makes bots crazy.

Can you help me?

Artifex1979 Rep. 0
#2   10 May 2023
Just found it.

Thank you all.

It's Second Stab.


Tig Rep. 1612
#3   11 May 2023
@Artifex1979 : That is a Challenge ProMode map. I would recommend downloading it from the official website - playmorepromode.com/downloads - You can grab it as part of the CPM Maps (~117MB) or as part of the massive Dez pack (~1GB) along with everything else CPM related.

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